Booyah Medium Dog Bike Trailer Stroller Review

The Booyah medium dog bike trailer stroller certainly does offer some advantages over some of its competitors. Such as; rear shock absorbers, included stroller conversion kit and air filled tires. In this review we will be covering the medium size pet bike trailer and stroller. Features: Rear wheel suspension Included stroller conversion kit Swivel front… Read More »

Burley Tail Wagon Review

In this Burley Tail Wagon review we take a long hard look at this very popular dog trailer and stroller. Burley have been building bike trailers since 1978 and have built a reputation for producing solid, durable products that lead the way in innovative design features. With a near perfect score on, the Burley… Read More »

PetSafe Solvit HoundAbout Pet Bicycle Trailer Review (2021)

With a variety of trailer/stroller products, Solvit has a practical solution to just about any sort of dog mobility problem, regardless of size or weight, it’s called the Solvit Houndabout. Brand PetSafe. The Houndabout trailer is available in both medium and large sizes and with an aluminum or steel frame. The steel frame version is… Read More »

Doggyride Mini dog Bike Trailer Review (2021 updated)

With a near perfect score on Amazon, the Doggyride Mini dog Bike Trailer certainly lives up to its reputation as the top dog trailer for small to medium sized pets. The option to convert the trailer to a stroller adds to the flexibility of this versatile and durable product. Features One pin folding release system… Read More »

Cat Stroller – Which one to Choose

When most people see someone with a pet stroller the majority will assume that there is a dog or puppy sitting inside, it would probably come as a shock to them that many cat owners use a cat stroller to take their beloved pets out with them. It still makes me smile to see the… Read More »

Pet Stroller and Dog Bike Trailer Comparison Charts

Looking for a pet stroller but need to compare the top models quickly and easily? Look no further, below are our Pet Stroller comparison and Dog Bike Trailer Comparison Charts. With all the different specification, makes and models, choosing a pet stroller can sometimes be a time consuming and complicated task, however by using the… Read More »

Pet Bicycle Trailer Safety

Even if you are experienced in towing a bike trailer it doesn’t hurt to remind yourself of the safety aspects associated with the pet bicycle trailer, after all, you will be carrying the most precious of cargos. Modern pet bicycle trailers are built to be stable and comfortable for your pet, however it doesn’t matter… Read More »

Bike Trailers For Dogs – How to Train Your Dog to Use One

Bike trailers for dogs, or dog carts as they are also known as, are becoming increasingly popular. In this post we examine why people use a dog bike trailer, and how to train your dog to look forward to its ride out. When compared to motorized transport, cycling is an ideal way to travel. Not… Read More »

Pet Gear Jogger No-Zip Pet Stroller Review

Pet gear have stated that they have taken all of the best design features from their comprehensive range of strollers and combined them to make the Pet Gear Jogger No-Zip Pet Stroller. With so many strollers being advertised as “Jogging strollers” it’s actually nice to find one that actually lives up to its name tag.… Read More »