What is Pupucchino At The Secret Starbucks Dog Menu?

It is possible that you have heard of secret menus at chain coffee shops and restaurants like the Starbucks dog menu. Although it sounds provocative, it is actually not. The secret menu refers to items that have not been formally printed or written down but are still available if you ask.

The pup cup is a favorite item on the secret menu of dog lovers. Also known as Starbucks’ puppypuccino. You will need to ask in person for pup cups, as they are not available on the official Starbucks menu.

What Exactly is a Starbucks Coffee Pupuccino?

Your dog should not drink a puppuccino. Because dogs and cats are more sensitive than humans to caffeine, it is recommended that your dog avoids caffeine. While a coffee or tea accident is not a serious problem, ingesting caffeine pills can cause death. A pup cup is not an espresso for dogs.

What is Pupucchino At The Secret Starbucks Dog Menu?

Starbucks puppuccino does not contain coffee but is a cup of espresso with whipped cream. It is a treat that many dogs enjoy, whether you’re getting coffee at the drive-thru or on the dog-friendly Starbucks patio. Most Starbucks locations offer free cups for dogs, but not all. They may cost as much as extra whipped cream. They may vary in price depending on where they are sold.

Some Facts About Puppuccino

  • A Puppuccino refers to whipped cream served in an espresso, small-sized cup, or large.
  • A Puppuccino just sweetened whipped cream.
  • Puppuccino, a combination of the words “pups” and “cappuccino”, is a Starbucks secret Menu item intended for dogs.
  • Puppuccinos aren’t on the official Starbucks menu so they won’t be listed on the app.
  • Starbucks baristas are familiar with the Puppuccino, unlike other secret Starbucks menu items. You can even order it by name. You can also ask for some whipped cream.
  • The majority of dogs can have whipped cream every once in a while unless they have any digestive problems. It’s always a good idea for dogs to consult their vet to make sure.
  • Puppuccinos could soon make their way onto the official Starbucks menu. Starbucks applied for the trademark “Puppuccino” in May 2021.

What is the Cost of a Puppuchino, And How To Order It?

“Can I get a Puppuccino?”

It is pronounced PUP OOH-CHEE NOH.

How To Order It

You don’t have to say Puppuccino. Instead, ask for whipped cream.

Puppuccinos are free!

If you are just buying the Puppuccino, however, it is best to have it with a paid beverage or leave a tip.

How to Order Starbucks Pup Cups

It’s impossible to give your dog coffee.

A puppuccino isn’t available on the regular Starbucks menu. You will need to ask for it. A pup cup can be purchased at the Starbucks counter or at the drive-thru. Because it is not a regular menu item you can’t order a puppy cup online.

How to Order Starbucks Pup Cups

If the puppuccino is a regular menu item, this might change. Starbucks applied to trademark “puppuccino” in 2021, indicating that they might be considering the product. Starbucks isn’t the only place you can buy whipped cream in cups for your dog. Dunkin’ and other competitors, like Shake Shack and Dairy Queen, offer the same service.

Are Puppuccinos Healthy?

Puppuccinos simply consist of sweetened whipped cream served in a cup. Starbucks whipped cream does not contain oil and is dairy-based. While most dogs can tolerate some dairy, others may experience stomach upset or diarrhea. Talk to your vet. If your dog has had stomach problems in the past, you should not give him dairy products, such as just an espresso cup filled puppuccino.

starbucks puppuccino safe for dogs 1

Puppuccinos aren’t on the official menu so there isn’t a standard recipe. A few Starbucks locations add vanilla syrup to their puppuccinos. This looks amazing in a photograph but is actually sugar. Ask for your dog’s cup to be made without syrup if added calories are a concern.

How to Make Your Own Puppuccino at Home

You can’t make it to Starbucks. You can make your own recipe in no time at all with a stand mixer or hand mixer.

You can either use canned whipped crème or make your own homemade whipped cream in a matter of minutes.

Use 4 ounces (or half cup) of heavy cream or heavy whipping cream (which contains slightly less fat). Before whipping, be sure to chill it. A colder cream will whip up lighter and fluffier than a warm one (not that your dog will mind).

Puppuccino at Home

Whipping cream is not suitable for human use. You can leave out vanilla and sugar, but you can still make whipped cream. You can give your dog a sweet treat by adding half a teaspoon of blackstrap Molasses to four ounces of heavy cream.

You can make a dairy-free version of this recipe for lactose intolerant dogs. You can substitute canned coconut milk for heavy cream. The coconut milk should be chilled overnight. Once it is chilled, whip the mixture with a mixer for a few minutes. You can also make a Pumpkin Spiced Latte with coconut milk.

No matter whether you use coconut cream or heavy cream, medium peaks are best. They should be slightly floppy but still retain their shape.


What is dog friendly at Starbucks?

Dogs are permitted on Starbucks patios (unless local law prohibits it). So bring someone to look after Fido while you order. Although he will miss you very much, the anticipation of his puppy cup will ease the pain.

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