Dog Euthanasia: How Much To Put a Dog Down UK?

Did you know that one in three of us have a dog? Dogs are truly man’s best friend. Our four-legged friends stay with us for an average of 10 to 13 years. It’s easy to understand how losing them can feel like losing a family member.

It is not an easy decision to have to let your beloved companion go when the time comes. It can be a very kind thing to do for your dog if he is in pain.

We are here to help you end the life of your beloved companion as gently and comfortably as possible.

Considerations for Putting to Sleep Your Dog UK

Euthanasia, also known as “good death”, refers to an intentional intervention to alleviate pain or suffering that can’t usually be treated or managed properly.

Dog Euthanasia: How Much To Put a Dog Down UK?

Euthanasia can be a difficult decision for any dog owner. There are many conflicting emotions and feelings involved. It is important to do the right thing for your dog and to fulfill your responsibility as their friend and caregiver to ease their suffering. While you will be able to look back on this decision in the future as a source of comfort, in the beginning, it may feel conflicted or confusing.

You may be worried that your decision was too late or too soon (euthanasia regret). The loving, courageous decision comes with the knowledge that there is pain and emotional upset from grief and loss. We must love and unselfishly accept the suffering of our dog.

What Happens To Your Dog When You Put Him To Sleep?

Your vet will give your dog an overdose of anesthetic when he puts him to sleep. In a matter of seconds, he will fall asleep and his heart will stop beating.

The injection is done through a vein in the leg using a cannula. During the procedure, a nurse will hold your dog gently.

Your vet may inject sedatives into your dog’s muscle if your dog is elderly or frail. It takes approximately 5 minutes to make your dog sleepy.

What Happens To Your Dog When You Put Him To Sleep?

Your vet will only take a few minutes for the anesthetic to work. Once it is effective, your vet will check for any reflexes and a heartbeat.

It is painless, quick, and peaceful. You are more likely to suffer than your dog who will simply drift off gently.

If the pet passes away, it’s normal for him to make some odd sounds, twitch or make a few bowel movements. Although it may seem disconcerting, it is completely normal and nothing to be concerned about. Your vet will close his eyes even though his eyes might be open.

Does Your Dog Feel Anything After He is Put to Bed?

The vet may make him feel a sharp scratch after the cannula has been inserted. The injection will not make him feel any pain, it will only make him sleepy.

Are You Able to Stay With Your Dog After he Goes to Bed?

Of course, you can. It is much more enjoyable for him to have his best friend beside him.

Are You Able to Stay With Your Dog After he Goes to Bed?

If it is too distressing to take him in, you can say your last goodbyes at home or go to the vet’s room to spend a few moments with him after he passes.

Can You Bring Your Children to Bed With Your Dog?

Mintel reports that 75% of dog owners are family members. Your children know you best, so if they wish to say goodbye to you, it’s okay to allow them. Make sure they know exactly what is going to happen.

You Can Bring Other Dogs With You to the Appointment

It’s quite common for the pet owner to take his dog(s) with them to see their friend fall asleep. Pet owners believe it helps them understand why their pet doesn’t return home.

You Can have Your Dog Taken to Bed at Home

Yes. Yes. Most vets will put your dog to bed at home, for an additional fee.

You Can have Your Dog Taken to Bed at Home

What Happens To Your Dog After it is Put Down?

You decide what happens to your pet after he is at rest. Before the event, you should talk to your vet about what you would like. It will most likely be one of these:

  • Cremation for an individual
  • Collective cremation
  • Burial in a pet cemetery
  • Burial at home

Many pet crematoriums provide leaflets that explain the different options you have once your dog is asleep.

Some owners keep paw prints, fur cuttings, and blankets. These items will be taken by your vet who will not mind. However, you can leave your dog’s possessions, including his travel cage, with the vet.

What Can You Do to Prepare Your Dog for Bedtime?

Talking to your vet is the best way to prepare your dog for sleep. Your vet will be happy to answer any questions you may have and put your mind at ease. There is no silly question. This can be done face-to-face, or by phone. This conversation is easier if your dog doesn’t live with you at the moment.

What Can You Do to Prepare Your Dog for Bedtime?

You’ll be much more prepared if you know what to expect. It’s possible to feel relief. Make the most of your pet’s last days, and cherish those precious moments together.

Is Euthanasia Necessary?

Although it is not something we want to think about, sometimes euthanasia can be the best thing for our pets. Talk to your vet if your dog is suffering from pain. They can discuss the possibility of euthanasia. Adam Christman DVM says, “I always tell pet parents: ‘Tell me three things that are different with their dog’s quality-of-life.'” It is crucial to discuss the day to day activities of your veterinarian. Consider the following questions, and then have a discussion with your veterinarian to gain their professional opinion.

  • Do you have a dog who is suffering from a serious illness that has no cure?
  • Are your dog’s basic functions being impaired?
  • Are you unable to get your dog around?
  • Are your dogs not as interested in food?
  • Are your dogs bored or not excited by you?
  • Is your dog suffering from pain?

It may be time for you to evaluate your dog’s quality of life. He may have loved going on walks with his toys and asking for attention from his family. If he stops taking part in these activities it could be a sign that he is suffering from pain. Watch out for signs such as vomiting, diarrhea, and weight loss.

Euthanasia At Home Or At Your Veterinary Clinic

Many veterinary clinics offer home euthanasia. While this is not for everyone, there are some advantages to euthanasia at home. Your pet will remain in a more familiar environment and can be able to relax in their favorite spot. It also offers a private and quieter experience for your family. There are potential disadvantages to this approach:

  • The process can be more complicated from a practical perspective.
  • The vet may not be able to handle any complications that might arise, but these are rare.
  • There will likely be less flexibility regarding when the vet can visit the home.
  • The cost could be higher
  • Some people feel that having euthanasia performed at home makes their grief worse, as it provides a tangible reminder of the experience.

Most veterinarians will take the body of your pet home for aftercare if it is done at home. Consider bringing your pet’s favorite blanket or bed to your practice for euthanasia.


It is important to take into account both the time of day and the day. It might be best to schedule an appointment when the practice will be quiet so that the appointment does not feel rushed. You might also want to arrange a time when you can have the last meal or walk with your pet prior to taking them to the clinic. It may be necessary to think about whether you are able to leave work for the time being to grieve. The availability of the veterinarian may limit the time it takes to perform euthanasia at home. It may be possible to schedule a time when your children are not at home.


You may want to arrive at the clinic for the euthanasia appointment in your car. If you are not sure, ask the receptionist to call you when they are available so you can get straight into the consultation room.

Staff Veterinarian

At the vet, euthanasia comes like a quick and gentle process. A vet or a nurse will often be responsible for your pet’s health and care. They will also have a good relationship with your pet. This is a good thing to consider when you book your appointment. It’s usually more comfortable to have euthanasia performed in the presence of staff that you know.

What Is The Best Time to Let My Dog Go To Sleep?

It is better to end the suffering than delay. You and your family are responsible for deciding when it is the right time. You should pay attention to your dog’s behavior and demeanor. Your vet, your friends, and pet bereavement counselors are all good sources of advice.

Before You Decide to Put Your Dog Down, Here Are Some Things To Think About:

  • There is evidence of discomfort
  • Appetite
  • Mobility
  • Fecal/urinary continence
  • Mental capacity/confusion
  • Breathing effort

Talking to your veterinarian about your dog’s health is important. Ask for advice on the signs and stages of illness you should be looking out for. It is possible to evaluate your dog’s quality life over time. This can help you determine if they are experiencing more bad days or good days. You can make an informed decision about what to watch out for and the symptoms that you should be aware of in order to determine the appropriate time when your dog will be put down. This will reduce the suffering that your dog goes through. It could be, for example, when your dog stops eating or is unable to exercise.

What is the Average Cost of Putting a Dog to Sleep?

The average price of dog euthanasia runs between $35 and $300. Prices can vary depending on several factors.

Location. The vet can place your pet to sleep in their office. However, you might prefer to have the procedure done at your home. Your dog will be more comfortable in a familiar environment, which can help ease their anxiety and provide comfort for you and your pet. An in-home procedure costs around $170 and can go up to $300 depending on where you live.

What is the Average Cost of Putting a Dog to Sleep?

Service. You can receive services either from a local vet’s office or a non-profit organization. Your pet may feel more at ease if they know their veterinarian and their office. The cost of euthanasia at your veterinarian’s office is between $50 and $100. Nonprofits are usually less expensive. The Anti-Cruelty Society is a nonprofit that will usually cost less than traditional vet offices. The Anti-Cruelty Society charges $35 for end-of-life care. However, pet owners who are financially challenged may be able to discuss payment plans or other flexible options.

Post-procedure. You can choose to either bury your dog’s remains yourself or to pay for it to be buried in a pet cemetery. The cost of a cemetery burial can run into the thousands, which includes the digging of the grave and the purchase of a casket. You can also have your dog cremated, either individually or in a group with other pets. The ashes will be returned to you. Depending on which option you choose, cremation costs can range from $30 to $250.

Dog lovers don’t want to think about the worst possible scenario: losing their dog. Knowing the costs and discussing your options can help you make the best decision for your dog.

How Much To Put A Dog Down UK F.A.Q.

How much does it cost to put a dog down 2020 UK?

You will typically be charged between £30 to £50 to put your dog to sleep at the vet’s. You might be able to have your dog taken home by a vet who will charge you between £70-£100.

Do you have to pay to put your dog down UK?

The average price of dog euthanasia is between $35 to $300. The cost of dog euthanasia varies depending upon a number of factors. Location. Location. You have two options: you can either have your pet taken to the vet or have them put to rest at home.

How much does it cost to put a dog to down?

The average cost of euthanization or cremation for a dog is between $150 and $300. However, a vet can charge $50 to $300 for euthanization.

Can you request to have your dog put down UK?

Many people reach a point in their lives where they are unable to live a satisfying life. This is when euthanasia becomes necessary. … If you are unable or unwilling to arrange for your dog’s emergency care (every vet in the UK must make this provision), euthanasia might be an option.

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