Dogger Dog Stroller – The Comprehensive Review 2024

Dog Quality products like the Dogger dog stroller are not available on the market. The Dogger(tm) is a unique pet stroller. This dog stroller was designed with seniors in mind. It is the best and most stable dog ride on the market today.

You can go anywhere, do anything with a Dogger dog stroller

The Dogger dog stroller comes equipped with real rear suspension. This allows you to easily navigate any obstacles, cracks, or bumps in your path. Your dog will love the basket because it is higher than other strollers.

You can use the canopy in many positions, and you can remove panels. This high-quality dog stroller will ensure that your dog is never left at home. Made in Canada With more heart than any product you’ve ever seen before.

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The Large basket. It comes with soft padding for extra comfort and meshes windows to maximize visibility. Tires with 12-inch air capacity. And Rear shock absorbers. You and your dog will enjoy a smooth ride. You get a front wheel that can pivot, so you have a smooth ride for both of you.

The adjustable handle bars and underneath storage make this stroller very comfortable for dog owners. The Dogger dog stroller also comes with a rain cover.

Specifications Dogger dog stroller

Tires:12" Air-filled tires
Functions:2 Interior security leashes
Interior Size:26"L x 13.5"W x 20"H
Folded:38 1/2" L x 24" W x 18 1/2" H

Real rear suspension

Real rear suspension allows you to easily maneuver bumps, cracks, or obstacles. It also ensures comfort for your dogwhile riding in the three-wheeler dogstroller.

  • VERSATILE CANOPY has removable panels that can be moved around or taken out.
  • 12 AIR-FILLED TIRES with 360 degree maneuverability provide the best ride in any senior dog stroller.
  • STURDY ALUMINUM FRAME with adjustable handlebars. Ideal for all terrains and pets up to 60 pounds. Our easy-to-fold dogstroller is durable and can be used in small spaces. –
  • All frame-related parts come with a 2-year warranty, which is the best protection available on the market. The Dogger dog stroller is also made in Canada by dog lovers and assembled in-house.

General info

Senior dogs will love the Dogger. It is a comfortable, sturdy, and secure ride that is perfect for them.

Your Dogger dog stroller can go everywhere with you – on trails, sidewalks, beaches, and boardwalks, it will be just as happy anywhere else! Do not leave your dog behind.

dog stroller

The Dogger dog stroller has a real rear suspension that allows you to easily navigate over any bumps, cracks, or obstacles. Your dog will love the basket’s elevated position, which allows them to enjoy the best view possible.

  • There is enough space for multiple small dogs
  • Holds up to 60lbs
  • Basket Interior: 27″Lx13.5″Wx20″H
  • With all 3 wheels on, it weighs in at 24 lbs

With its lightweight aluminum frame and shocks, the Dogger is durable and will last a lifetime.

Dogger specs

Made in Canada

  • 360 Degree Maneuverability.
  • Includes a rain cover and a basket pad
  • Adjustable handlebars
  • Multifunctional Canopy with Removable Panels

The Dogger dog stroller lets your dog ride and walk when they need to, ensuring that their life is full of adventure and fun no matter what age.

No matter what your needs may be, give your dog the best: a Dogger dog stroller.

Customer reviews

The descriptions are right

The Dogger is my favorite. Amazon sold me a different type of jogger stroller, but I returned it right away due to a broken piece while trying the stroller. After doing more research on strollers, I discovered that the Dogger was way lower on Amazon’s list of similar strollers.

After reading all the reviews, I was certain that the additional cost was worthwhile. Dog Quality was the best option. They let me choose a different color, which helped to reduce the price. I ordered the pad and handbag storage attachment.

Dogger real photo

The stroller is created in Canada, which I love. It has been great for my dog and me. After letting him walk for a bit on the leash, he will then take a slow, steady stroll, while he pees and sniffs. Then, when he seems ready, I’ll put him in the stroller, and we are off. I used to have to take him with me if I wanted to take him for a walk. Now he can come along and I have my friend.

Many people comment on how spoilt he looks. I feel obliged to explain that he is 14+ and that the stroller is the only way to take him for longer walks. This is the first time Toby and I have used the stroller. He was more comfortable facing me at that point. He now walks forward and can’t see or hear well, but he seems to love it.

Fantastic bit of kit

Excellent stroller, great on and off the road. It is the best stroller you can buy. My border terrier, who was recently diagnosed with cancer, has been using it for years. She loves it and gets a wonderful view. It is amazing and Jessica provided excellent customer service. This Dogger stroller is a great choice for senior dogs. It looks great!

Dogger with a dog


Great quality stroller. Shipping and packing were great. It has been loved by all five of my senior dogs. I take them out for walks every day, and sometimes only one at a time. The Dogger stroller has been with us for several months and we haven’t had any issues with quality. This Dogger stroller is luxurious and highly recommended.

Just what we needed

The Dogger is a great solution for my senior dog who has mobility problems. The stroller is sturdy and well-built, making it ideal for long walks, hiking, or running. It arrived quickly and was easy to set up and unpack. It is durable and well-designed. Dog Quality deserves credit for understanding the needs and wants of dogs and their human companions.

Dogger dog stroller with pet


What does the Dogger come with?

The Dogger comes with a rain cover and a pad to keep it dry. You can purchase the drink holder, safety lamps and memory foam pad separately.

What does your warranty cover?

The 2-year warranty for the Dogger covers all frame-related parts. However, it does not cover the fabric or 12 air-filled tires. We are here to assist you with any questions or concerns regarding your Dogger.

Can I jog with the Dogger?

You can jog with your Dogger. In fact, that is how its name derives from Dog + Jogger = Dogger. You can see a video of the Dogger jogging on YouTube.

How does the Dogger fold?

The Dogger can be folded easily by pulling up on the finger grabs on either side. Once the fold is complete, push down on the other side. The latch on the side can be used to secure the folded Dogger.

How much weight can the Dogger hold?

The Dogger can support up to 60 pounds. The basket cannot accommodate a dog that is 60 pounds. It is therefore important that you ensure your dog fits comfortably within the dimensions of 27″L x 13 1/2″.

How much does the Dogger weigh?

It weighs in at 24 lbs with all the wheels attached to the Dogger. It is possible to make it easier to lift by removing the wheels. This reduces the weight to approximately 17 lbs.

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