Kirkland Dog Food vs Blue Buffalo – Comparison 2024

This article will compare Kirkland Dog Food Vs Blue Buffalo. We will discuss the key differences between these pet food brands. We will compare Blue Buffalo and Kirkland Signature using the most current price and nutritional information.

When choosing the best pet food brand, there are many things to consider. Ingredient quality, product safety, and guaranteed analysis are the most important.

Dog owners can almost compare raising a puppy to raise a child. You consider them your best friend. They are your best friend. Food is their number one need. All pets need food.

Dog food can make a huge difference in their health and growth. Many dog foods can be customized to meet your dog’s specific needs. You may have to spend more money to ensure your dog receives the best nutrition. Consider your dog’s preferences when choosing the right kibbles. If your dog doesn’t like the kibbles, you will need to put in the extra effort. It is crucial to consider all aspects when choosing dog food. Two of the most popular brands in dog food are Blue Buffalo and Kirkland Dog Foods. Which one is best? Which is best for your dog? This article will help you make a decision as we compare Kirkland Dog Food and Blue Buffalo. Although we are not a dog food review site, we do have some opinions.

Kirkland Overview

Diamond Pet Foods manufacturers Kirkland Dog Food. The veteran businessman has been in business since 1970. Diamond Pet Foods, an established all-natural pet food producer, is a well-known company. 100 miles from the Missouri headquarters was the original distribution territory. Kirkland’s market reach was limited, making them less popular. They teamed up to expand the market for their new product, even though it was brand-new. Kirkland Dogs are also available in the retail shop.

Kirkland Overview

Delicious food at a reasonable price Kirkland Dog Food is a high-quality brand. Dog owners will find this claim fascinating. Do you want a high-quality dog food that is affordable? It is easy to see how it is so popular.

Kirkland: Who Are You?

Costco produces Kirkland dog food (a Costco Private Label brand). It can also be manufactured at Diamond Pet Foods, Inc., which is owned and operated by Schell and Kampeter, Inc.

The United States is the home of this American family-owned pet food manufacturer. It also has plants at Meta and Gaston in Missouri as well as Lathrop, California. Schell and Lampeter, brothers-in-law, founded the company in 1970. They purchased Milling Meta Co. which was a producer of dog food and animal feed.

Kirkland: Who are you?

They produced only 5% of dog food back then. To increase their production, they added plants from California in 2002 and South Carolina in 1999.

Kirkland recalls the past

Blue buffalo recall was a topic we have previously covered. Let’s now look at Kirkland’s history.

  • May 2012: Kirkland was recalled along with 9 other brands as part of a voluntary recall.
  • March 2007: Cans of Kirkland Signature Premium canned food (item #38436), best-by dates 21/08/08 to 15/04/09 were recalled as part of a large recall that involved many brands of cat and dog food. This recall was caused by melamine in vegetable protein used in pet food.

What formulas does Kirkland employ?

Kirkland has 6 options for “Super Premium”. These formulas are suitable for all ages, small breeds, and healthy weights. They are all made with fresh chicken, except for one.

What dog food is equivalent to Kirkland?

Alternative Dog Food Rating
Blue Buffalo Life Protection Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe for Adult DogsA+
Merrick Classic Small Breed Recipe A+
Taste of the Wild High Prairie PuppyA+
Victor Senior Healthy WeightA

Kirkland also offers Nature’s Domain, a Grain-Free range that contains 8 formulas. This review will focus on the Super Premium range.

Blue Buffalo Overview

The Blue Buffalo is a brand new product. It is more popular than Kirkland Dog Foods. Blue Buffalo dog food comes from BLUE. It is in business since 2003. Blue Buffalo dog food costs more than Kirkland Dog Food. The price you pay for quality is reflected in the product. All Blue Buffalo dry foods products contain LifeSource Bits. As stated above

71AY+rVlpEL. AC SL1500
71 rNsCs5hL. AC SL1500

Blue Buffalo’s LifeSource Bits website has a precise mix of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Then, it’s mixed with the kibbles, in small, medium, and large pieces. These small bits are extremely beneficial to dogs’ immune systems and maintain a healthy oxidative equilibrium. The product line also includes a variety of high-protein formulas for dogs.

Crude Protein Comparison For Dog Food

Dogs require twenty-two amino acids to sustain life. The remaining ten amino acids can be synthesized by nature. Protein is the nutrient that provides all or part of this essential amino acid.

Blue Buffalo often promises 2.00% more protein than the average crude protein percentages. This is a small but important difference between Blue Buffalo & Kirkland Signature. The Kirkland Signature wet food has more protein than Blue Buffalo’s.

Crude Fat Comparison For Dog Food

Fats, like protein, are essential for dogs’ health. Fats are essential for the proper development and function of the canine body.

Both Blue Buffalo Signature as well as Kirkland Signature offer a comparable amount of crude fat. Blue Buffalo Signature and Kirkland Signature both offer roughly the same amount of wet dog food.

Blue Buffalo and Kirkland Signature both have roughly equal amounts of crude fiber. Both Blue Buffalo and Kirkland Signature provide roughly the same amount of wet dog food.

Blue Buffalo Dog Food vs. Kirkland Signature Dog Food

Dry Dog FoodBlue BuffaloKirkland Signature
Crude Protein29.5% 27.5%
Crude Fat15.3% 15.3%
Crude Fiber6.8% 5.4%
Wet/Canned Dog FoodBlue BuffaloKirkland Signature
Crude Protein40.0%44.4%
Crude Fat26.2%27.8%
Crude Fiber7.4%5.6%

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula w/ Lamb & Brown Rice Recipe

This product contains real meat in the brown rice and lamb recipes. The lambs used in this product are farm-raised and authentic, which ensures their quality. Barley, Oatmeal, and other whole grains are also used. Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula contains sweet potatoes for extra nutrition.

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula

It is where your dog gets its fiber and carbohydrates. It aids indigestion. It is high in Omega 3 and 6. These fatty acids will make your dog’s hair shiny. This product, like all Blue Buffalo products, also contains Lifesource bits. Dogs older than 12 years of age who aren’t allergic to grains should not use this product. No flavorings, preservatives, or artificial additives have been added to this product. This is all-natural, and your dog will love it!

Source for Carbohydrates

Yes, your dog still needs carbs. Kirkland Dog Food also uses whole-grain brown rice and ground white rice. Blue Buffalo uses fresh potatoes in order to make carbs more digestible. Blue Buffalo also uses barley and oat flour. You can choose their grain-free line if you’re unsure if grains or rice are suitable for your dog. Kirkland also has the Nature’s Domain line. Blue Buffalo’s 8 lines can also be purchased grain-free. Most carbohydrate in grain-free products is made from potatoes. Potatoes can be used as a substitute for grains. You can provide all the carbohydrates your dog needs without worrying.

Exclusive Ingredient

Blue Buffalo also sells LifeSource Bits which contain additional nutrients. It is a perfect mix of vitamins and minerals with antioxidants. LifeSource Bits was developed by veterinarians and animal nutritionists. They “cold-form” the bits using technology. This is done to decrease heat exposure which can cause many vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to be destroyed. These nutrients can be found in small, dark-colored kibbles mixed with dog food.


Kirkland Signature Dog Food has two types: Kirkland Signature Nature Domain and Kirkland Signature Nature Domain. Kirkland Signature Nature Domain has a grain-free version. Both can be purchased in canned and dry foods as well as dog treats. Blue Buffalo has up to 101 products across 8 product lines. Each line offers different recipes to suit different ages. The Life Protection Formula line offers 21 flavors. There are 13 flavors available. You can choose from 13 different flavors so that your dog will find the one they love best. Its canned food is one of the best dog food for small dogs.

It is always exciting to try different recipes. This is your dog’s gift. Some dogs are more open to trying new things, while others prefer the familiar.


Amazon sells Kirkland Dog Food at as low as $50 for a 40-lb bag. Prices will vary depending on which product you choose. Blue Buffalo’s most popular line of dry food costs between $40-$54 for a 24-lb package. Blue Buffalo is cheaper than high-end brands of dog food, even though Kirkland Dog Food is more expensive. Sometimes it can be difficult to find Kirkland Dog Food. You can only find it at Costco or Amazon. It might be necessary to visit Costco to get it. You can order online for the same price, but it will be more expensive. We recommend this Kirkland product on Amazon

Kirkland Mature Dog Food Formula Chicken and Vegetable Dog Food

Because they are familiar, dogs love chicken, rice, and vegetables. It’s a staple food in every household. Fresh chicken is the main source of protein in this recipe. It is very easy to digest and tastes great for adult dogs. Dog food provides joint nutrition through glucosamines as well as chondroitin. Omega 3/6 is also included to keep your dog’s shiny coat intact.

Kirkland Mature Dog Food Formula

You can also find Kirkland Signature Adult Formula Chicken, Rice, Vegetable, and Whole-Grain Brown rice. It is the most important carb component in many Kirkland products. It is delicious and healthy for dogs. You could not ask for more!

Recall History

Both brands have been the subject of recalls in recent years. Kirkland Dog Food was recalled in 2007, during “The Great Melamine Recall”. Many brands were affected when melamine contamination occurred at a Chinese processing facility. Diamond Pet Foods recalls products after salmonella contamination five years later. This includes Kirkland Dog Food.

Blue Buffalo has been the subject of more recalls. Blue Buffalo canned dog food and treats were recalled by the FDA in 2007 because of possible melamine contamination. Three Blue Buffalo products were recalled because they contained too much Vitamin D. This could lead to toxic reactions. A recall was also issued for the chew bones in 2015 due to salmonella. They also issued a recall for mold in 2016. A recall was issued in 2017 because of elevated beef thyroid hormones and metal contamination.

Who Is The Winner?

They are very similar in general. Kirkland provides premium, affordable dog food that has a familiar flavor. Blue Buffalo markets its products as healthy dog food using its LifeSource Bits. When it comes to cost, Kirkland Dog Food is the clear winner. Blue Buffalo wins over Kirkland in terms of product and ingredient varieties. Choose carefully

Who Is The Winner?

Kirkland guarantees your dog that they will get the best natural ingredients. Kirkland will make your dog feel more at ease if they are moving to Kirkland. They have received positive reviews and had fewer recalls in the past. You may have to visit Costco to purchase it. Blue Buffalo is more active online.

Amazon and Chewy offer healthy pet food. You may also find unique meat options that will be a welcome change for your dog. It’s less expensive than other premium brands in terms of cost. Your dog can enjoy all the goodness of LifeSource Bits at a low $1.67 per pound. Blue Buffalo Dog Food Reviews are available.

Type Of Pet Foods Available

ProductBlue BuffaloKirkland Signature
Dry Dog Food92 Recipes 12 Recipes
Wet Dog Food94 Recipes1 Recipes
Dog Treats42 TreatsNone
Dry Cat Food 41 Recipes 3 Recipes
Wet Cat Food50 RecipesNone
Cat Treats 16 TreatsNone
Kirkland Overview
Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula


Dog owners want to feed their dogs high-quality food. While some prefer to spend more on premium products, others are more inclined to choose more affordable options. This comparison between Blue Buffalo and Kirkland Dog Food was made to help you decide which one is best for you and your pet.

Kirkland Dog Food is the best option if you have a tight budget. You can give your dog something different by choosing from the many Blue Buffalo varieties. Don’t be too concerned! To ensure that your dog gets the correct amount of nutrition, both products must be quality checked. We hope you find this article helpful in helping you choose the right one!

Kirkland Dog Food vs Blue Buffalo F.A.Q.

What dog food is equivalent to Kirkland?

Alternative Dog Food Rating
Blue Buffalo Life Protection Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe for Adult DogsA+
Merrick Classic Small Breed Recipe A+
Taste of the Wild High Prairie PuppyA+
Victor Senior Healthy WeightA

Who makes the Kirkland dog food?

What is the source of Kirkland Signature Pet Foods? A: All dry foods are made in the USA by Diamond Pet Foods Five manufacturing plants owned by companies are located in the United States. Two of these facilities are located in Arkansas, California, and Missouri, while one is in Missouri. One is in South Carolina.

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