Kong Dog Bed And The Best Alternatives Actual Review 2022

KONG is a well-known brand for its dog chew toys. A Kong dog bed is a good choice, based on its reputation.

This seems to be a foolish conclusion.

This article will explain the issues with Kong dog beds and why you should probably avoid them. We also offer an alternative for a great dog bed that we love and hope you like, based on the responses of other dog owners to similar purchases.

Kong Chew Resistant Heavy Duty Dog Bed

Let’s start with the standard Kong dog bed. It is available in a variety of colors including red and grey.

Kong claims that the model is for large breed dogs, but we could use it with small and medium-sized dogs if they felt they could benefit from it.

We think it makes sense that a small dog could still benefit from a large dog bed. He won’t get lost in the bed. However, large dogs will need a larger bed to ensure that there are no significant parts of their bodies hanging out.

Fabric Chew Resistant Dog Bed Not as Good

This dog bed (cover), is not chew proof dog bed, but it’s for dogs who love to chew everything. Consider an item that is water-resistant. It would be reasonable to expect it to keep water out for some time but not forever. It will eventually give up and water will seep into the house.

Similar to the chew-resistant dog bed, a dog that is persistent will eventually tear through the material. The bed is finished.

Either a better dog bed or a more well-behaved dog is needed. One suggestion we’ve heard is that your dog should be monitored for chewing on the bed. This doesn’t sound realistic. Your dog shouldn’t be allowed to go to sleep on his own.

We recommend that you first look at the Amazon reviews if you are really interested in a Kong Dog Bed. They aren’t very impressive.

Machine Washable Cover is Good

The removable cover can be machine washed. It is possible for your dog to have an accident, so it is good to know that you can machine wash it.

This cover’s bottom has a non-slip surface that will keep it in place. This is especially important if you don’t intend to place it in any type of housing or cage.

You can also find the zipper to remove the cover on the back. You should not allow your dog to flip the bed.

Before we give our final evaluation, we’ll look at another Kong dog bed.

Kong Plush Resistant Heavy Duty Dog Bed: Similar Features

The Kong Bed shares the same basic characteristics as the heavy-duty pillow beds mentioned above.

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It is both comfortable and comfortable durable dog beds, according to the manufacturer. The question is how durable it will be.

The dog bed measures 39 inches in length, 29 inches wide, and 4 inches high. It is also chew-resistant. For more information on this qualification, see the above.

The cover of this bed can also be machine washed. The cover is water-resistant and can be washed in the machine.

Some customers have noticed that PetSmart sells the same bed at a fraction of the Amazon price. Some customers have questioned whether the bed is worth the price.

Kong Dog Beds: Should You Really Avoid?

We have nothing to criticize Kong chew toys but we can sympathize with Kong bed buyers who feel like they have wasted a lot on these products.

If your pet loves to chew on everything, it’s not enough. Bad things will happen if he uses a dog bed every day.

Our Suggestion – Kong Beds

It sounds as though many dogs will have their way with a Kong mattress and you’ll be shopping for a new one sooner than expected.

Should you avoid buying a Kong bed for your dog? We think there are better alternatives, such as the K9 Ballistics bed that we’ll be discussing next.

Best Alternative Products From Other Manufactures

K9 Ballistics Tough Dog Crate Pad – The Best Alternative For Kong Dog Bed

The best thing about the K9 Dog Bed is its five sizes. You can select a size that suits your needs and pay less than you really need.

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Each of the five beds is 5 inches tall. Below is a table that shows their lengths and widths in inches.

K9 Ballistics Tough Crate Pad was designed for dogs who are hardy on their beds. Our bed is strong enough to withstand the chewing, scratching, and digging of dogs. Our pet crate pads can withstand dirt, water, and hair. You can wash them in the dishwasher or spot clean. No zippers or Velcro are used on crates mats. Filled with K9 Certified Clean, Recycled Polyfill. Available in sizes small, medium, large, extra large, and XXL.

K9 Ballistics

thumbs up regular


  • Many size options
  • Comfortable for any dog
  • One of the most high-quality chew proof dog beds at this price

thumbs down regular


  • There are no cons

Big Barker Orthopedic Dog Bed for Large Breeds

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This is a great choice for larger dogs that are heavier. What’s so great about this large dog bed Let’s take the time to look at this large dog bed.

Big Barker

thumbs up regular


  • Big Barker is a US-based company that makes the highest quality dog beds for larger dogs.
  • All of their beds are made from therapeutic memory foam which provides orthopedic support for their joints.
  • The removable cover is water-resistant and chew-resistant. It can also be washed in a washing machine.
  • You can choose from three sizes: Large, Extra Large and Giant.
  • There are four colors to choose from.
  • The 10-year warranty on the Big Barker is also included! The foam will retain 90% of its original form for 10 years or you will get your money back.
  • This bed is highly recommended for owners of large or heavy dogs.

thumbs down regular


  • It is only designed for large and extra-large dogs. It is not recommended for use if your dog is smaller than a large breed.

K9 Ballistics Elevated Dog Bed

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We are now going to take a look at the really great Chewproof Dog Bed by K9 Ballistics. We give this a five star recommendation. Let’s look at why we love it so much.

K9 Ballistics Elevated

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  • K9 Ballistics’ raised dog bed is made from an aluminum frame and a ripstop, ballistic, chew-resistant fabric. It resists all destructive behavior, such as biting, scratching, digging, chewing, etc.
  • There are many benefits to the elevated structure, including improved airflow for hygiene and cooling. Dogs with mobility problems can also use the elevated build to access their beds.
  • It’s waterproof and can be used inside or outside.
  • It’s easy to clean. All you have to do is blast it with a hosepipe and you’re done.
  • This bed is available in five sizes, from Small to Large. No matter what breed you have, this bed will fit your dog.
  • The 180-day Chewproof Warranty covers this chew resistant dog bed.

thumbs down regular


  • We haven’t found one! This bed is a great choice for dogs who are aggressive chewers.

Kuranda Chewproof Dog Bed

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This Kuranda chew resistant dog bed is another favorite of the Pupster Passion Team. Let’s have a look…

Kuranda Chewproof

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  • The Kuranda dog bed, another style of the raised cot, offers the same benefits as airflow, cooling, and increased hygiene. It is also easy to access.
  • This heavy-duty frame supports dogs up to 100 lbs.
  • The mattress’s sleeping section is made of a solid vinyl fabric that has been designed for durability and comfort.
  • It’s also very easy to clean. It is easy to clean by simply putting a hosepipe into your backyard.
  • This dog bed is available in six sizes: Mini, Small, Medium, and Large.
  • For your peace of mind, this bed comes with the Kuranda 1-year warranty

thumbs down regular


  • This bed is so comfortable than other dog beds that we can’t think about anything negative.

What to look for in a Dog Bed

It is possible that your dog likes to climb on top of your bed. What is the reason for this? What do they like about your bed? Most likely, he likes the same things as you.

Therefore, it is important to match the dog bed that you purchase for your pet with his preferences.

Is he comfortable on the floor? Perhaps a mat is all he needs.

Does he like the warmth of a bed? This is where you can get more specific about features.

A mattress that can be washed thoroughly is important. Not just the liner or cover. Regular cleaning is essential to remove dirt, fleas, and other grit. You can also buy special flea and tick sprays to kill these little creatures. This will make your dog happy – no more flea season scratching.

He shouldn’t be able to grab it with his teeth and paws.

To help reduce odors, the bed should be at least water repellent.

Materials should not be toxic and the dog bed’s bottom must not be slippery.

If you can find a mattress that meets all these criteria, it’s a special bed that you and your pet will both love. You’ll be able to enjoy your mattress for many years if it is made from fabric that your dog cannot chew.

Last Thoughts on Kong Dog Bed Review

This review was a little sad for us.

Although we don’t enjoy saying negative things about companies, Kong products are so amazing that this was even more fun to write.

This bed is an example of how they have lost their way, which we feel is a great shame.

We trust and hope that they will get back on track with a more refined and better-made dog bed which will better fit into their amazing brand of pet products.

Are Kong Dogs Really Indestructible?

We have not seen any reviews, photos, or videos of Kong Dog beds online. Kong Dog beds can be easily destroyed.

Please do your research before you buy these beds for your dog.

What is The Guarantee For The Kong Dog Bed?

We aren’t sure. We searched the internet but couldn’t find any information about the bed or any warranty.

It is not the best dog bed.

In Case you Think we are Being Too Harsh

This is a Kong Dog Bed Review from a Dog Owner who shared her views on YouTube.

We will let the video speak for herself, as she has provided evidence backing her review.


Are Kong dog beds durable?

Are Kong dog beds durable?
Yes. Yes! Kong beds are sturdy, chew-resistant (but they’re not indestructible!) They provide the right amount of support for your dog’s joints. You might consider purchasing a K9 ballistic dog bed that is chew-proof if your dog has a tendency to chew.

Can Kong dog beds be washed?

Machine wash separately with cool water Use delicate cycle. If necessary, use only non-chlorine bleach Air dry.

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