Pet Gear NV Pet Stroller Review

By | 25.12.2014

Pet Gear has a reputation for producing high quality strollers and the NV is no exception to this fact. From the one hand folding mechanism to the no zip system, everything about the stroller seems to say quality. However, there are some aspects that could have been improved on. But first, in our Pet Gear NV pet stroller review we take a detailed look at the specifications of the stroller.

Features:Pet Gear NV Pet Stroller Review

  • Easy locking system; No complicated zip entry.
  • Raised paw rest and panoramic viewpoint screen.
  • Spacious storage area and user tray for small items.
  • Heavy duty, 600 Denier water resistant material.
  • Stroller height to handle 42″
  • Interior dimensions 30″L x 13″W x 22″H
  • 12″ Quick-release air tires with pump
  • Easy one-hand fold mechanism
  • Rear wheels have safety brakes and shock absorbers
  • Front locking wheel

Easy Locking System:
Pet Gear have opted to use a simple, but very effective latch clip system to secure the canopy to the pet compartment, which means there are no complicated zips to get stuck. The latch can be operated single handedly, which is a real bonus if you are attempting to open the compartment and put a leash on the pet at the same time.

One Hand Folding Mechanism:
Folding the stroller is a very simple operation; Open the canopy, press and hold the main lock release and slide the secondary lock release to the right. Both lock releases are situated opposite each other in the middle of the handlebars. Once again, this is a welcome invention that frees up one hand to keep hold of the pet while you stow the stroller.

thumbs_Pet-Gear-Nv-Pet-Stroller-Front-Wheel-LockFront Locking Wheel:
With a lockable front wheel the Pet Gear NV Stroller will give you the best of both worlds. Locking the wheel will make the stroller more stable and easier to control when jogging, going over rough terrain or simply walking at speed.

Unlocking the wheel will give you more maneuverability when in congested areas. The locking pin is situated above the front wheel and is operated by pushing the pin upwards to lock the wheel and pulling the pin down and to the right to unlock.

Quick Release Tires and pump:
The large (12 inch) wheels and pneumatic (air filled) tires are excellent and will give your pet a smooth and comfortable ride. Unlike some of the cheaper strollers on the market that use solid tires, the pneumatic tires on the NV protect and cushion the metal rimmed and spoked wheels, preventing damage and buckling.

A hand pump is also included with the stroller, so if the tires do start to look a bit flat, grab the pump, blow them up and off you go! In the event that you do get a flat, the wheels can be easily removed and the tube repaired.

The handle of the stroller is well padded and comfortable, and with a height of 42″ it is situated perfectly for the average sized person to use either walking or jogging without the probability of kicking the wheels or having to stoop down.

Storage Space:Pet Gear Nv Pet Stroller Storage Space
There is storage space located under the pet compartment that is ok for small, lightweight items such as the supplied pump and maybe a few treats, however, it is not meant for heavy items, so you should be careful not to overload it. There is also a small items holder that spans between the handlebars.

Safety Brake:
The safety brake is located between the rear wheels and can be engaged by simply pressing your foot onto the bar, which means that you won’t even have to bend over to operate it.

Internal Tether:
To stop accidental escapes and to keep your pet safe and secure, there is an internal tether that can be attached to your pets collar, or if you prefer, harness.

Canopy:Pet Gear Nv Pet Stroller Front canopy open
The canopy on the NV Stroller has been designed to give the pet a maximum all round viewpoint by way of a fabric mesh that also allows for good ventilation and also acts as bug screen.

Many reviewers have stated that there is no rear access to the pet compartment, however, the zipper that allows rear access is so well hidden it is not immediately obvious that it is there.

The quality of the material, stitched joints and overall design of the canopy is also excellent. A rain cover is also included with the package and although it may at first seem a little difficult to fit, with practice, it will become a lot easier.

Weight and Dimensions:
Although not the lightest pet stroller on the market, the NV is built to last, and with quality parts comes extra weight.

  • Shipping Weight: 35 LbsPet Gear Nv Pet Stroller Front Canopy Closed
  • Unpackaged Weight: 32 Lbs (Approx)
  • External Dimensions: 34″L x 21″W x 42″H (Approx)
  • Internal Dimensions: 30″L x 13″W x 22″H (Approx)
  • Folded Dimensions: 38″L x 21″W x28″H (Approx)

Weight Limit:
The maximum weight limit is stated by the manufacturers as being 70 Lbs. By reading the reviews on Amazon you will quickly find that most believe this to be a massive overestimation by the manufacturer. In fact, many have expressed the opinion that the real user weight limit should have been 35-40 Lbs.

The best way to determine if your pet will fit into the stroller is to measure and weigh it. The last thing you want is for your pet to be uncomfortable and cramped within the compartment.

If you have a puppy and want to estimate its weight when fully grown, use the fully grown weight of your puppy chart. The chart is only a rough guide, but it will give you some indication of the maximum user weight to look for when selecting a dog stroller.

Although the Pet Gear NV is well made and designed stroller, there are a few features that could be improved upon, and this Pet Gear NV Pet Stroller Review review would not be complete without listing them.

No adjustment on the handle:
The handle is set at 42 inches and is ok for anyone of an average height, but, if you are very tall or under average height, this may be a problem.

Storage area between handles:
This could have been made deeper to accommodate more items and possibly a water bottle.

Uneven floor in pet compartment:
Due to the nature of the folding action of the stroller, the floor is slightly higher on side than the other and is not very rigid, especially if you have a heavy dog in the compartment. One reviewer’s solution was to have a board cut that will lie in the bottom of the compartment and also buy a thick mattress to pad it out.

Although the Pet Gear NV is quite expensive, the design and build quality more than make up for the extra cost. With innovative technology and an ergonomic design, the stroller scores very highly on Amazon. The bottom line – Highly Recommended.


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