Rage Powersports Small Dog Bicycle Trailer and Jogging Stroller Review

The Rage Powersports Bicycle Pet Trailer and stroller is the ideal solution for those wanting a cheap yet durable pet carrier. Rage-Powersports-dog-trailerPrice is one of the major considerations when choosing any sort of trailer or stroller, however, the old saying “you get what you pay for” does apply in most cases, but the Rage Powersports Dog Bike Carrier is actually an exception to this, and in my opinion you are getting a real bargain.

Build Quality and Design:

Due to the fact that Rage Powersports manufacture such products as heavy duty ramps, the build quality, as expected, is engineered to a very high standard and built to last. The trailer/stroller has a heavy duty, steel frame with a top quality powder coat finish.

Just by looking at the manufacturer’s weight limits you can see that this is one hell of a sturdy piece of kit that will transport your most precious cargo safely and securely.

Most of the design aspects of the product are fairly typical of most trailer/strollers on the market, however, at this price point, I didn’t expect this model to be on par with a lot of the more expensive strollers.

Folding the Trailer:rage-powersports-Pull-Behind-Dog-Bike-Carrier-Bicycle-Pet-Trailer-folded

The folding operation is very simple and is just a case of:

  1. Removing the wheels
  2. Folding the tow bar under the cabin into the stow position
  3. Removing the roof support
  4. Folding the sides down

Size and Weight:

With an external width of 23.5 inches, the dog carrier is quite narrow, which means that you may struggle to comfortably fit two medium size dogs into it, on the o

ther hand it also means that the trailer doesn’t stick out very far from either side of your bike, and is easy to maneuver through tight spots such as doorways when used as a stroller.


Although the manufacturers weight limits are quite high, you must measure your pet to ensure it will fit inside the cabin. The pet cabin dimensions are listed above. If you do find that your pet or pets do not fit or will be too restricted, Rage Powersports do make a larger model that has the same build quality, take a look here ==>> Rage Powersports Blue 2-in-1 Pull-Behind Dog Bike Carrier Bicycle Pet Trailer

Entry System and Canopy:

There are two entry systems (dimensions listed above) on the stroller/trailer, however it is recommended that only the rear entry be used for loading and unloading and should be kept shut when the pet is in transit.

The canopy is manufactured from a thick and strong material that should withstand continuous folding and unfolding. The mesh is also good quality and not only provides plenty of ventilation it also maximizes visibility for the pet. The clear plastic rain cover can be rolled up and held in place on the top of the trailer.

Inside the trailer/stroller

There is a solid non-slip floor that can be sponged down. There is also a tether loop that you can attach your pet to which will prevent any accidental escapes.


Wheels and Tires:

16 inch air filled rear tires make the trailer/stroller very easy to tow or push. What is surprising is the fact that the included stroller wheel is a 12.5 inch air filled wheel instead of the small plastic type that are available (at extra cost) for most of the other trailer/ strollers on the market.

The tires are a standard size that can be easily obtained either online or locally.

Towing Hitch:

The universal style hitch will fit most 24 inch – 28 inch frames. The hitch is well made and very simple to install on the bike. Connecting and disconnecting the towbar and safety strap to/from the hitch takes only seconds.

Building the Trailer:

Construction of the trailer is quite straightforward and should only take a few minutes. The included manual lists the exact procedure to follow.

Converting the Trailer to a Stroller:

The font wheel assembly needs to be built, but once again, this is a fairly simple operation and is covered in-depth in the manual. Once the front wheel assembly has been installed, the rear handle receivers need to be bolted to the frame and the handlebar secured into them by way of two quick release pins.

The only complaint from a few of the Amazon reviewers was that the front wheel tends to wobble when walking fast. One reviewer actually came up with the solution to this problem. The reviewer identified the cause of the problem as being a lose nut on the front wheel, even if the nut is tightened it tends to work lose again. The solution is to disassemble the front wheel assembly and add some “loctite” to the threads of the axle bolt, re-assemble the front wheel and tighten the nut until the wheel spins with very little resistance.



At this bargain price the Rage Powersports Dog Bike Carrier Bicycle Pet Trailer is an absolute bargain. It is quite amazing that some of the more expensive trailer/strollers have far inferior parts, build quality and features. When you consider that the stroller conversion kit is included in the package, it makes it even more desirable.

For details of the large model, check it out here ==>> Rage Powersports Blue 2-in-1 Pull-Behind Dog Bike Carrier Bicycle Pet Trailer

If you are on the lookout for a well made pet bike trailer at a low price, this has got to be at the top of your list.


  • Can be used as a pet trailer or stroller
  • Stroller conversion kit is included
  • Mesh-vented windows for optimum airflow and pet visibility
  • Universal bike hitch works with most 24″ to 28″ bikes
  • Front and rear openings
  • clear plastic roll-down window covers
  • Air filled tires for added suspension
  • Rear, front and wheel reflectors
  • Safety flag


  • Wheel Size:  16 inch rear, 12.5 inch front
  • Pet cabin internal dimensions:  23.25 inches L x 14.5 inches W x 19.75 inches H
  • Overall Dimensions (trailer): 48 inches L x 23.5 inches W x 28.5 inches H
  • Overall Dimensions (stroller): 61.5 inches L x 23.5 inches W x 37.5 inches W
  • Front door opening:  13.25 inches W x 23.25 inches H
  • Rear door opening:  11.25 Inches W x 14.5 inches H
  • Maximum trailer weight capacity: 135  lbs
  • Maximum stroller weight capacity: 85 lbs

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