The Best Weighted Vest For Dogs – TOP-8 Review 2024

Dogs play an integral part in millions of lives around the globe. Dogs are man’s best friend in every way possible. How can you repay them for their love than by protecting their health and well-being. You can accomplish this with the help of weighted vets for dogs.

The weighted vests for dogs are more than just pretty gears. These are weighted vests great for keeping dogs healthy, both mentally and physically. These are weighted vests improve muscular and cardiovascular conditions, control undesirable behavior, and reduce tension and anxiety. These can cause long-term and severe damage. A weighted vest can hinder the development of a young dog if it is not handled correctly. Let’s dig deeper to learn more.

TOP-5 Our Pick

Vests For Dogs Review

1. ActiveDogs Weighted Vest for Dogs

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ActiveDogs has created another weighted vest for dogs that can be used for exercise. The design of this vest can also be used to help anxiety. This vest is available in three sizes and comes in a plain black color with a white lining at the straps. It’s comfortable to wear.

This vest is made of heavy-duty material, making it ideal for exercise. It is made from durable and padded ballistic materials. It is built to withstand tough use. To provide the best comfort for your dog, the straps are padded in sheepskin.

This weighted vest is great for dogs because the weights slip into the pockets. You can remove or add weights as you need. This vest is ideal for pulling weights for dogs, and it can be adjusted to suit your needs.

ActiveDogs Pros/Cons

thumbs up regular


  • Ideal for weight lifting training
  • You can adjust the weight to meet your specific needs
  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • Extra padding on the straps is added for comfort
  • For heavy duty, long-lasting use

thumbs down regular


  • The vest is not designed to be snug so it won’t get in the way

2. Canine Weight Set Full-Body Weighted Dog Vest

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The vest features pockets that can hold weighted sandbags. The vest also comes with weighted bags, so you don’t need to figure out how to fill them. To help your dog gain strength, muscle, and power, the weights are placed on both the front legs and back legs.

This vest was made for dogs who want to exercise. Veterinarian approval was given for the dual-weight design. It was created to prevent hip dysplasia in the back legs. It strengthens all the legs muscles and joints.

This vest is designed to help you build your strength. It is heavier than the one you might use to treat anxiety. The fitness vest is well-designed and weight pulling for dogs. The fitness vest has padding underneath the weights to provide comfort, and the straps are designed to be comfortable to wear.

Canine Weight Set Full-Body Pros/Cons

thumbs up regular


  • A vest specifically designed for exercise
  • Weighing on the front and back legs
  • Includes weighted bags
  • Comfortable, lightweight wear with padding
  • Made in the USA

thumbs down regular


  • You may experience issues with the vest sliding one way depending on how tall your dog is

3. Outward Hound DayPak blue Dog Saddleback Backpack Medium

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The weighted vest can also be used as a backpack to carry your hiking gear and keep your dog strong. The nylon harness has a pouch on each end to store treats, keys, or poop bags. If you need more space, the zipper expansions can be found in the pockets. Although the harness is light, you can add objects to it and make it a training vest.

The vest has a strong handle at the back that makes it easier to control your dog when you’re out and about. There are four sizes available, and all can be adjusted easily. You will need to place your dog’s head, legs, and neck into the fitness vest and then buckle it around their bodies. You can also choose from a variety of colors, including brown, green, and blue. Brighter colors will provide better visibility at night and day.

Outward Hound DayPak Pros/Cons

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  • It is made from breathable mesh
  • It can store supplies
  • It has a handle
  • You can choose from four sizes
  • It is available in three colors

thumbs down regular


  • The harness is extremely light
  • It can cause skin irritation
  • It is extremely thin

4. Xdog Parachute Dog Weight Vest

This accessory is meant to be used in conjunction with the XDog training fitness Vest we shared previously. This attachment is parachute-compatible and can be attached to the weighted vest of your dog. This is a great way for dogs to learn chute training, speed, acceleration, and resistance.

Xdog weight vest is available in medium and large sizes. It’s also available in pink, red, or purple. This attachment is not recommended for small dogs. The chute is protected by mesh panels to prevent it from becoming tangled.

These materials are durable and high-quality so you can use the attachment for many years. This parachute is best used with the XDog weighted Vest, but you can use it with any fitness vest with a link to attach the chute clip.

XDog Parachute Dog Weight Vest Pros/Cons

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  • Training with parachute attachment
  • Available in a variety of sizes and colors
  • Multiple training methods are available for your dog
  • Constructed to be easy to use and allow for motion
  • Chute comes with mesh panels to stop tangling

thumbs down regular


  • The material tends to tear more easily than it should in order to ensure durability

5. PET ARTIST Large Dog Sled Weight Pulling Training Harnesses

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This harness is made for pulling weights with dogs. This harness is ideal for pulling training. This harness offers many options, whether you are training with weight or a dog sled.

The harness isn’t weighted, but it gives you the ability to add weight. The harness can be used to attach weighted objects for pulling so that you can adjust your pulling weight as needed. It acts more like weight-pulling dog weight vests for dogs. However, you will need to add resistance at the end.

The weighted vest for dogs is easy to use and provides exercise. It’s comfortable and safe to use. It is made from strong nylon material with reinforced stitching and is durable. It can withstand up to 1,200 pounds. It can be used to resist weight up to 1,200 pounds.

Pet Artist Pros/Cons

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  • Simple, effective design
  • Harness versatile allows you to add weight elements
  • This is a weight-pulling training tool
  • Durable nylon can support up to 1,200 pounds
  • The company offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on quality and service

thumbs down regular


  • You cannot adjust the size of your dog so make sure you have the right measurements

6. ThunderShirt Sport Dog Anxiety Jacket

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ThunderShirt’s Dog Vest has been a huge success. It has been highly praised by thousands, if not thousands, of buyers for its effectiveness.

Its main purpose is to reduce anxiety. The vest isn’t technically weighted but it does apply gentle pressure to your dog’s body, helping to calm anxiety, fear, and excitement.

Their vests have been sold to more than one million dog owners around the globe. This vest was deemed effective by around 80-85%.

The vest is available in many sizes, from XXSmall to XLarge. No matter how big your dog is, this vest will fit them perfectly.

The spandex-type material is lightweight, so your dog can still move freely and do what they want while wearing it. It’s also great for dogs who live in hot environments.

ThunderShirt Pros/Cons

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  • A huge range of sizes available to find the right fit
  • Lightweight, flexible material
  • Established dog vest brand

thumbs down regular


  • None

7. Xdog Exercise Vest for Dogs

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The Xdog weighted vest for exercise is the first on our list. It’s sleek and simple. This vest is lightweight and can be used to reduce anxiety and weight. It will give your dog the tools to perform well, gain muscle and health and look great.

You can get this weighted dog vest in sizes ranging from XXSmall to large. You can also choose from a variety of colors, such as hot pink, light pink, or green.

It is lightweight and comfortable, so your dog can move freely while wearing it. Your dog will be able to balance because the weights are evenly distributed on both sides. This weighted dog vest is stylish and can be worn by all dogs. It is comfortable and secure and can be adjusted as necessary. These are weighted dog vests are comfortable and stay put when in use.

XDog Pros/Cons

thumbs up regular


  • A light weight build with prominent weight placement
  • Available in a variety of sizes and colors
  • Made from durable materials
  • For a secure fit, the collar can be adjusted
  • It is designed to remain in place during use
  • A great choice for all dog owners

thumbs down regular


  • The straps that attach to the weighted dog vest are not cushioned, which can lead to chafing

8. OneTigris Dog Weight Training Vest

One Tigris Tactical gear looks military-grade. The weighted dog vest is no exception. Although it was designed for tactical training, this vest can be used for many other purposes. The vest has many pockets and pouches that allow you to pack your dog’s gear.

The vest is made from breathable nylon and has a mesh lining to keep your dog comfortable while wearing it. The vest can be used as a harness by your dog and has double leash clips. The vest is made of quality materials and durable hardware, including snaps and buckles.

It comes in sizes medium through extra-large, and can be ordered in either black or tan. It does not come with a weight, but you can weigh it down using the pockets. This vest can also be used in the same way as a weighted vest, but it is more versatile.

OneTigris Pros/Cons

thumbs up regular


  • Available in multiple sizes
  • This tactical bag is ideal for carrying your gear
  • Constructed to be used as a harness
  • Breathable material with mesh lined
  • Strong and long-lasting

thumbs down regular


  • The handle does not seem to be of consistent quality and cannot withstand heavy use

What is a Weighted Vest for Dogs?

A weighted vest is similar to one for humans. This vest applies weight to the dog’s body while they walk. This can be very beneficial for short-term usage. A weighted vest is a great way to keep your dog healthy and strong while you go for a run or short walk.

Weighted vests can be worn alone or have pockets to hold weights. However, there are other models that are heavier. Some harnesses can be used to haul heavy objects behind dogs. This vest is ideal for dogs who love to run and are learning to pull sleds.

The other weighted vests good option is a backpack. This allows your dog to transport heavy items inside. You can use it as a bag for traveling. This can hold your dog’s supplies or keys and wallet. For best results, you’ll need to ensure that the weighted dog vest has a balanced weight. These products can bring a lot of excitement to your dog’s exercise routine.

No matter how a dog weighted vest appears, the main purpose of it is to distribute weight throughout your dog’s body. Some dogs may benefit greatly from them, even though they are not necessary for all dogs.

What are Weighted Dog Vests Used For?

The weighted vests can increase stamina and endurance, build lean muscle and help with weight loss. This is done by increasing resistance in your dog’s muscles while they walk. Although it may sound frightening, this resistance helps your dog’s body work harder and ultimately makes them stronger. You can help your dog avoid future joint problems by strengthening them early on.

A weighted vest can be helpful in calming hyper dogs. Your dog will be more tired if you have a heavy vest. A weighted dog vest is a great option for dogs who love to run and play. It will help them relax, while still getting the exercise they need.

The vest can be used as hiking gear if it has plenty of pockets that can hold items that could weigh your dog down. This handy feature allows your dog to carry their own toys, treats, and poop weight bags.

Weighted vests are used to calm anxiety. These vests can also be used to calm anxiety problems. However, they are a completely different type of weighted dog vest and serve a specific purpose. Anxiety vests won’t weigh your dog down. They will comfort and swaddle them. This article will not cover dog weighted vests that are weighted for strength or physical health.

How to Choose a Weighted Vest for Dogs

Are you convinced that a weighted vest is the best thing for your dog? You’re in luck! We got you covered. This section will explain the factors that you need to take into consideration before purchasing one.


To determine the most comfortable size weighted dog vest for your pet, measure the width at the widest part of his rib cage. Size does not refer to how tight or lose the gear is on your pet.

The vest must not cause injury to the spine or ribs. To maximize your dog’s potential, the vest should fit comfortably. It is also a good idea to take note of your pet’s weight.


A puppy is still in development if it is less than 2 years old. Some breeds may take more time. It is important to take into account the age factor. An early age can cause injury and distress to any dog if the vest is too heavy for him.

The vest’s weight can cause your pet to have difficulty with their bones and muscles maturing and strengthening as needed. It is best to introduce the vest slowly, even if your dog is older than two years. It is important to introduce the weighted dog vest slowly but steadily.


Uncertainty can be caused by anything new or unfamiliar to your dog. For example, a weight vest. You should choose a product with enough padding to allow your dog to adjust to how the vest feels from its chest to its back.

Padding can provide comfort for your dog and protect his bones, organs, and skin from injuries and lacerations caused by uncomfortable clothing. Too much of anything can be uncomfortable. Make sure you have enough for your pet to be comfortable and safe.

Extra Pockets

A weighted vest for dogs with pockets can have a significant impact on the dog’s comfort and well-being. It is important to determine the purpose of the vest. The weight of the vest in each pocket can add to your pet’s back and belly. They should only have what they require.

For dogs who need to lose weight, some trainers prefer having more pockets. For canines who require behavioral correction or anxiety management, additional pockets may be used. All it comes down to how much training and help the dog requires. A weighted dog vest that has more pockets is not necessary if the psychological or physical problem is minor.

Let’s take a look at five of the best-rated weighted dog vests designed for pets. You never know, you might find one that grabs your attention.

Weighted Vest for Dogs Benefits

This was briefly discussed in our introduction. We want to explore the benefits of a weighted vest for your dog. Many people have found that dogs with anxiety respond better to a vest.

We recommend weighted blankets to people suffering from anxiety. The weight dog vest functions in the same way. A weight pulling vest for dogs is useful and can be used for this purpose.

But that’s not all. You have to give credit where credit is due. This weighted dog vest is great for anxiety, but weighted dog vests can be used for muscle building and exercise.

A dog weight vest can help your pet to exercise and maintain muscle strength. These weighted vests are useful for dogs who exercise to keep healthy or have more specific needs like being a police dog.

Weighted dog vests are designed to increase the weight so that your dog can build natural muscle and tone their bodies. When the vest is in use, it does not affect your dog’s balance. It can increase their strength and agility, as well as stability.

When it comes to behavior, there is often a direct correlation between the dog’s behavior and its stressors. Stress and anxiety can often be attributed to aggression or destruction. These cases can be used for both calming purposes and for exercise.


Do weighted vests help dogs build muscle?

A weighted vest for dogs can help improve their muscle tone, build strength, fight obesity, reduce anxiety, and much more. The weighted vests look like a backpack for dogs. The vest is snugly fitted around the dog’s body and has straps that attach to the chest as well as below the abdomen.

How long can a dog wear a weighted vest?

Avoid habituation by limiting the time your child is wearing the vest should not be worn for more than 15 minutes. After approximately 15 minutes, the vest will become unresponsive to the child’s sensory input.

Do weighted vests actually help?

A weighted vest can improve strength, endurance, and cardio. The weight of the vest can have a positive impact on how your muscles react to stress and strain. Adding weight can increase your energy expenditure, which can lead to more positive outcomes.

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