Best Pet 3 Wheel Pet Stroller Review

Considering the bargain price, the Best pet three wheeled pet Best Pet - 3 Wheel Pet Dog Cat Stroller Reviewstroller has certainly received some good reviews on Amazon, but just how good is this stroller?

Read our in- depth review below to find out all about the stroller, its pros and cons.

• Easy folding – can be opened or folded in approximately 5 seconds
• Large storage basket and cup holders keep toys, treats and water bottles handy
• Front and rear entry
• Top, front and rear ventilation
• Under compartment storage area
• Upper cup and small items storage area
• Front and rear mesh ventilation/bug screen
• Free rain cover
• 30 Lbs Weight capacity

Build quality:
There are a couple of points that you have to understand before reading this Best Pet 3 Wheel Pet Stroller Review, firstly, you do get what you pay for with regards to quality and features. And secondly, this is a budget stroller, so don’t expect top of the range features and build quality.

First impressions can be deceptive and although the best pet stroller does look quite flimsy, for a budget machine it is quite well made.


The main complaint regarding most strollers is the quality of the zippers, the Best pet stroller uses a number 8 fiber zipper instead of the number 5 plastic zipper, as used on many of the budget strollers, this is a welcome design upgrade and is a much stronger zipper, making it much easier to zip, unzip and also means less jams.

The stroller also uses Nylon instead of plastic for all the joints and connections. This makes for a smoother operation and gives an extended life on these parts.

The design is nothing groundbreaking and follows the standards of many other budget strollers. The one area where the design does stand out is the easy fold mechanism. Some of the budget strollers can be an absolute nightmare to fold up. When folded, there is a clip to keep it together so that the stroller can be easily stored.

If chic is your thing, the massive array of colors and patterns to choose from will be a big bonus.

thumbs best stroller colors

Storage Space:
There are two storage areas, one under the pet comparbest-pet-stroller-3-wheel-dog-cat-stroller-reviewtment and another that spans between the handles. The bottom storage area is large enough to store lightweight pet items such as treats, water and toys. The upper storage area has two cup/bottle holders and an area in the center that has a closable lid.


As expected on a budget stroller, the tires are not air filled, they are EVA (Ethylene Vinyl acetate), and although they won’t give your pet the same smooth ride as pneumatic tires, they are a made from a lightweight material that is hard wearing and the next best alternative.

Safety Features:best-pet-stroller-safety-brake
The stroller has a safety brake that can be easily engaged and disengaged by the foot. The other safety feature is the internal leash tether that can be used to secure the pet to the inside cabin of the stroller, which is great if you want to use the stroller with the top open or your pet is prone to escaping or jumping around.

The canopy and external fabric is made from a waterproof 600 Denier nylon that is tough and durable. The top, front and rear mesh windows are designed to keeps bugs out whilst still providing maximum ventilation. Despite the low price, the manufacturers have also included a rain cover that fits well and gives complete protection to the elements.

Dimensions & Weight:
Weight: 13 Lbs
Maximum Weight Limit: 30 Lbs
Open Size: 33″(L) x 14.5″(W) x 38.5″(H)
Folded Size: 33.5″(L) x 17″(W) x 8″(H)
Internal Compartment: 21″(L) x 13.5″(W) x 20″(H)

Pet Strollers on Amazon

Surprisingly, for a budget pet stroller, there are very few negative points to mention, but, as with all reviews on, here they are:

Non Adjustable Handle:
This will only affect those who are not of average height, so, post the question on Amazon if you think it may be an issue for you.

Gaps in the pet compartment:
A few reviewers have mentioned that there are gaps in the pet compartment between where the zipper starts and where the fabric ends as it wraps around the pole. However, this will only be a problem if you have a very small cat or dog.

Not built for serious off-road use:
Being a budget stroller, it has not been designed or built for serious off road use and at this price I wouldn’t expect it to be.

Assembly instructions:
Although the assembly is fairly straightforward, with only a few parts to put together, for the non mechanically minded it may prove a problem.

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