Go Pet Club Pet Stroller Review

The Go Pet Club Stroller is a well made product that will transport cats and dogs up to 45 Pounds in weight. Let’s take a look under the hood in our Go Pet Club Pet Stroller Review and find out if the Go Pet Club is worth the money.

Features: thumbs_go-pet-club-pet-stroller-1a
• Color: Dark Blue
• Stroller Dimensions: 35”L x 19.75”W x 36”H
• Interior Dimensions: 23”L x 14”W x 23”H
• For pets up to 45 lbs
• Frame folds down easily for storage or travel
• Large storage basket and cup holders to keep toys, treats and water bottles handy
• Parking brake on the rear wheel
• Durable mesh provides airflow, visibility, and keeps insects out
• Pad and safely leash included

Build quality:
I have to admit that I was quite surprised with the quality of the Go Pet Club, with the amount of cheap imports from China flooding the pet stroller market, i had the preconception that this was yet another one that would not make the grade. In fact, the build quality is better than a lot of strollers currently on the market. However, you do get what you pay for and if you do want a better quality stroller such as those in the Pet Gear range, you will have to pay extra.

The stroller is sturdy, lightweight and rolls easily. The only area that could have been improved is the folding operation. The company description states that it can be folded and unfolded in 10 seconds, whilst this may be possible it neglects to say that the snaps around the front bar need to be undone to fold it down and after unfolding the stroller they need to be done back up again. Not a massive drawback but something you should be aware of.

Storage Space:thumbs_go-pet-club-pet-stroller-handle
The underneath storage space is spacious enough to carry items such as water, treats and toys. There is also a tray that spans between the handles that has two cup/bottle holders and a closable compartment in the middle for small items.

Tires & Wheels:
The Go Pet Club features twin wheels on each front axle which gives the stroller more stability and weight capacity. The tires are the EVA (Ethylene Vinyl acetate) type and although they won’t give as much shock absorbing as air filled tires, they also mean that you won’t have to worry about inflating them and getting a flat.

Safety Features:
There is a parking brake that locks the back wheels. The other safety feature is the internal leash that can be attached to the pet’s collar or harness.

Canopy:Go Pet Club Stroller For Cats and Dogs
The canopy has a mesh on the bottom front and on the top front, the top rear has a plastic area where you can look down at your pet. The hood and all other material parts are made of hard wearing nylon.

The Go Pet Club uses a zipper to connect the hood to the stroller, allowing you to undo it an pull the hood back towards the handle.

Dimensions & Weight:
• Weight: 17 Lbs
• Maximum Weight Limit: 45Lbs
• Stroller Dimensions: 35”L x 19.75”W x 36”H
• Interior Dimensions: 23”L x 14”W x 23”H

As mentioned above, the folding of the stroller is not as easy as it could have been and if you are going to be folding and unfolding it on a regular basis, it may prove to be a problem.

As with many of the imported strollers, the instructions are very poor, however, with only the wheels to attach it shouldn’t be a problem for most.

Overall, the Go Pet Club stroller is great for both cats and small to medium sized dogs. The build quality and design are both good. There are comparable strollers on the market in this price range but the Go Pet is well worth considering.

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