HPZ Pet Rover Review 2024

The ultimate guide to HPZ Pet Rover

In this HPZ Pet Rover review, we will be taking a look at one of the most popular and well-built pet strollers available.

The HPZ Pet Rover has certainly taken the Pet Stroller market by storm. With outstanding design features and heavy-duty parts, the HPZ is the ideal stroller for any type of pet or pets that have a combined weight of 75 Lbs or less.

So why has this particular stroller received so many 5 star reviews? Read our HPZ Pet Rover Review to find out.

There are 5 main HPZ Pet Rover models: Lite Premium for Light-Weight Dog, Premium Heavy Duty Dog/Cat/Pet Stroller, Titan-HD Premium Super-Sized with the access ramp, XL Extra-Long, and Prime 3-in-1 Luxury Dog/Cat/Pet Stroller (Travel Carrier + Car Seat +Stroller) with Detach Carrier.

HPZ Pet Rover Price

When it comes to price, the HPZ Pet Rover is cheaper than most of the Pet Gear models that have similar specifications. If you are looking for value for money, the HPZ is right at the top of the list.

Although the HPZ costs less than some of the comparable strollers, there is only one area where costs have been cut – the wheels. Instead of using Pneumatic, air-filled tires, HPZ have opted for the hard rubber type of tire. However, the manufacturers have combated any negative reaction by offering a full 3-year wheel replacement guarantee.

HPZ Pet Rover Pros & Cons

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  • Cozy Ride – it’s a human standard suspension system that provides your pet a bulge-free ride.
  • Strong and lasting created using metal tubes.
  • Machine washable and also higher excellent odorless fabric.
  • Selection of 3 distinct colors.
  • Easy Maneuvering as front wheels rotates 360 level.
  • Storage system – underneath the stroller there’s a wonderful storage space and side pockets.
  • Good customer experience and feedback.
  • Great sized for dogs.
  • Waterbottle Holder.
  • Two different removable chair pads.
  • Expandable compartments – if you wish to easily fit into just 2 dogs.

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  • Screws falling off, both net and whistles coming apart – just happened to a couple of buyers.
  • Not acceptable for very big dogs.
  • Problems with vinyl wheels – a couple of people felt it really is flimsy.
  • The cabin isn’t completely insect evidence.

Build Quality & Design of HPZ Pet Stroller

The build quality is of a very high standard and should withstand the punishment of daily use. The main frame is manufactured from an oval steel tube, as opposed to a circular tube used on many strollers, giving it much more strength and rigidity.

HPZ PET ROVER Premium Heavy Duty Dog Cat Pet Stroller Travel Carriage With Convertible Compartment

The design aspects are actually on par with a top-of-the-range child stroller. It is instantly apparent that a lot of thought has gone into the HPZ. Everything from the reversible handlebar to the large storage areas has been designed with the user in mind. Overall, on the design front, the HPZ Pet Rover is outstanding and cannot be criticized in any way.

Storage Space

The storage space is yet another area where the stroller excels over the competition. There is a large storage pocket at the rear, two smaller storage pockets at the rear sides, and an extra-large, easy to access basket under the pet cabin. The HPZ also comes with a bottle holder attached to the lower handlebar assembly. So, there’s plenty of room for treats, blankets, toys, etc.

Wheels & Tires

The tires are manufactured from foam EVA (Ethylene Vinyl acetate) which does not provide as much shock-absorbing as the air-filled (pneumatic) tires, however, the HPZ does have a shock-absorbing system that works well and reduces any sort of vibration. On the plus side, the tires are hard-wearing, puncture-free, and don’t require inflating. The manufacturer also provides a 3-year wheel replacement program to replace damaged or worn-out wheels at no charge!

The two front wheels can be locked into position, which, when combined with the suspension system, provides a very smooth and comfortable ride for your pet, especially if you plan to use it on uneven terrain or want to walk fast with it.

Safety Features

If you plan on using the HPZ with the canopy in the upright position, there are two 15 inch leash tethers inside the pet cabin area, one on the left and one to the right, which is great for keeping your pet or pets from jumping out of the stroller.

Locking both back wheels is simply a case of pressing your foot down on one of the rear brake levers, which locks both wheels simultaneously.

HPZ Pet Rover Interior Cabin & Canopy

Once again, the HPZ Pet Rover excels in the interior design department. The pet cabin can be extended to take a larger pet or two pets and reduced to accommodate a small pet. Changing the size of the pet cabin is simply a case of pulling the extension piece up or down at the rear of the stroller.

Heavy Duty Pet Stroller

The two high-density 1600D Polyester fabric pads that are included with the stroller are comfortable, stain-resistant, and machine washable.

Mesh windows are located at the front of the pet cabin and to the front and rear of the canopy. A coverable mesh window is located at the top of the cabin that allows you to view your precious cargo. The mesh itself is fine enough to stop bugs while still maintaining its strength and providing plenty of airflows.

Another feature I liked was the two clips that secure the canopy to the pet cabin, eliminating the problems of broken and jammed zippers. The only zipper you may or may not use is the one located at the lower front of the pet cabin.

The canopy can be un-clipped and folded back towards the handles, allowing unrestricted access when loading and unloading your pet.


Depends on the model there are lots of colors: Ruby Red, Midnight Blue, Sky Blue, Purple, Pinks, Green Camo, etc. See the full specifications of each model on our table.


The stroller comes mostly assembled; all that’s required is to fit the four wheels, which just push and click into place. See images below.

HPZ Pet Rover Wheel Installation


At an excellent price, your pet receives a cozy ride on almost any terrain at a broad and weatherproof stroller. A UV reflective substance that’s also weather-resistant is utilized to produce the very best cover.

It’s a detachable mat to get a hassle-free cleaning. The stroller is lightweight also it weighs approximately 20 lbs. The lightweight design lets you go it. The measurements (30.3 x22 x 42.1 inches ) ) are enough to get small, medium, and large strains. This pet stroller is accompanied by an effective antivibration suspension platform for improved relaxation.

This really is the perfect alternative for people who have multiple pets whilst the semi size feature lets you improve the interior compartment size and also fits many pets easily.


The HPZ pet stroller supplies immense relaxation to this pet-together side providing the dog master a hardy control. Even the zip-less part is quite simple to close and open.

The cover using a net shirt rendering it very cushioned. It’s composed of a flammable, Insulation substance that reflects UV beams which creates the stroller totally immune to weather fluctuations. Both comfy pads to your own pet space make usage of high-density Polyester fabric.

This gives ample relaxation plus it’s resistant to stains. The fantastic thing: it is readily washed in washers.That you never need to be concerned about losing your balance on unpaved sidewalks. The rationale being the look with the stroller is supposed for all types of surfaces. This means you must cover a few extra-heed to shield your pooch from insect bites that are unwanted.

Folding and Unfolding

Folding the stroller is simply a case of pressing a lever down on the side and folding it up. Unfolding is just as easy. The video below shows how to fold, unfold and expand the cabin of the HPZ.


With a lifetime limited warranty, 3-year wheel guarantee, and incredible customer service, HPZ seems to have cornered the market in a big way. Just by looking at the reviews, you can see how very highly rated this stroller is.
The only negative that’s worth mentioning is that a rain cover has not been included, although, not really a negative as the manufacturers do sell one on their website. Maybe I was on a mission to find something, in fact, anything negative to report for the purpose of this HPZ Pet Rover Review.

If you are looking for a great value for money, heavy duty pet stroller that is easy to maneuver and has all the design features of a much more expensive product, add the HPZ Pet Rover to your shortlist.

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