Pet Gear Jogger Stroller No-Zip Review

Pet gear has stated that they have taken all of the best design features from their comprehensive range of strollers and combined them to make the Pet Gear Jogger No-Zip Pet Stroller.

With so many strollers being advertised as “Jogging strollers” it’s actually nice to find one that actually lives up to its name tag. Featuring air-filled tires, a lockable front wheel, rear shock absorbers, and a very solid frame, the Pet Gear Jogger should certainly stand up to some serious off road usage.

Pet Gear Jogger Stroller


  • No-Zip entry and exit system
  • Strong and durable 600 Denier water resistant material
  • Front and top mesh windows for maximum ventilation
  • Easy to operate the rear foot brake
  • Rear wheel shock absorbers
  • One handed easy fold mechanism
  • Ergonomic handle design
  • 12″ quick-release air filled tires
  • Available in three colors: Forest Green, Midnight River, and Rugged Red

Just by scanning the Amazon reviews, you can quickly see that this model has built up quite a reputation as one of the best Jogging strollers on the market. And although the price is somewhat higher than some of the other similar spec strollers, I still think it is good value for money when you consider the innovative design features and build quality.

Pet Gear Jogger No-Zip Pet Stroller - Folded


  • Pet Cabin dimensions: 30″L x 13″W x 22″H
  • Overall Dimensions: 30″ L x 19″ W x 42″ H
  • Overall Product Weight: 27 Lbs
  • Handle Height: 42″
  • Weight Limit: 75 Lbs

In this in-depth Pet Gear Jogger No-Zip Pet Stroller Review, I will be looking at the stroller’s pros and cons. To be quite honest, I did struggle to find any significant cons, but, as with anything, there are a couple of minor ones.

Build quality & Design

So what makes the Pet Gear Jogger No-Zip Pet Stroller stand out from the multitude of other Jogger Strollers on the market? Well for one thing the quality of the components is far superior to the competition. From the thickness of the frame to the quality of the material, everything about the stroller says durability and strength.

No-Zip Entry System

Most of the complaints when it comes to pet strollers are with the zippers. On cheaper strollers the zippers are not the best quality and tend to shear the teeth or get stuck, on the more expensive models the zippers are thicker and of better quality, however, the heavier duty zippers are sometimes more difficult to operate.


The No-zip entry system does away with the traditional zipper and replaces it with a clip mechanism, which eliminates all the problems associated with the zipper.

Easy Fold Mechanism

Another nice feature of the [easyazon_link identifier=”B00LM9IFO6″ locale=”US” tag=”bestpetstroller-20″ popups=”y”]Pet Gear Jogger[/easyazon_link] is the easy fold mechanism which allows you to keep control of your pet when folding and unfolding the stroller. The folding operation is controlled by a slide, push and twist device that is located in the middle of the handlebar.


Although the handlebar is not adjustable, it is positioned at a good height and will suit most average height people. The ergonomic design and padding make for a comfortable and natural pushing position, even when walking fast or running. The handle height from the floor is 42 inches.

Other Design Features

The elevated paw rest is a feature that is sadly lacking in a lot of strollers. More often than not the paw rest on some of the cheaper strollers is made of flimsy metal or even material, which can collapse when the pet rests its paws on it. The Pet Gear Jogger is a solid tube that will take the full weight of your pet.

A washable, removable liner is also included. However, it is quite thin so you may want to put a blanket or thick towel to add a bit of extra padding.

With 3 colors to choose from (Forest Green, Midnight River, and Rugged Red) and a sporty, fashionable design, you may find that your journey takes a lot longer than planned due to all the pedestrians wanting to pet the dog. It’s quite amazing what effect putting a dog in a stroller has!

Storage Space Of A Pet Stroller

There are two storage areas on the pet stroller. The underneath area is ideal for storing items such as treats, toys, and towels. The upper storage tray that spans between the push handle is designed to take two water bottles and small items in the center tray. However, the bottle holders are very shallow and as such will only take a small container.

Tires & Wheels

The 12 inch diameter spoke wheels are of good quality and provide enough height to enable the stroller to be used on a variety of terrains such as mud and sand.

Pet Gear Jogger No-Zip Pet Stroller Front Wheel

The air filled tires provide extra shock absorption and a smooth ride. Tire pressures should be checked on a regular basis and if required inflated with the supplied air pump.

Locking and unlocking the front wheel is a very simple procedure and gives provides greater stability when jogging (locked) and more maneuverability when walking (unlocked).

Safety Features Of Pet Gear Zip Pet Stroller

Unlike most of today’s strollers that have two independently operated rear brakes, the Pet Gear Jogger has a single, foot operated brake rod that runs between the rear wheels which engage and disengages both of the rear brakes simultaneously.

The interior tether is another safety feature that will keep your pet safe and secure when you are out and about.


Pet Gear Jogger No-Zip Pet Stroller Rugged Red

The canopy material is a very durable and strong 600 Denier water resistant material. The Panoramic view window enables your pet to stay safe inside the pet stroller without missing out on any of the action along the way. The mesh screens also act as effective bug screens while still allowing plenty of ventilation.

Weight Limit

Although the specifications do state a maximum weight limit of 75 Lbs, it is essential for you to measure your pet before making a purchase. Yes, your dog may weigh less than 75 Lbs but will it fit inside the pet compartment?


When you combine the superior build quality with the latest design innovations such as the No-Zip entry system the result is a top class pet stroller that will suit most pets and their owners. If you can afford the Pet Gear Jogger, get it!

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