The Best Aosom Dog Stroller Elite II Bicycle Trailer Review 2024

This Aosom Dog Stroller 2 in 1 convertible dog cart bike/ stroller can be set up in just minutes and is great for keeping your pet active. You can ensure maximum airflow for your pet with the mesh zippered screen at the front and back, and the meshed windows at the sides. Outdoor adventures and exciting biking don’t need to stop as your pet gets older. This pet trailer can be connected to your bike. Simply place your pet in it, and then store your cargo in its back storage unit. The weather-resistant canopy can be removed to keep out wind, rain, and other road debris.

Capacity and size

Before you decide to buy any dog trailer or stroller, make sure you read the specifications. You will be able to ensure that your pet is safe and comfortable. Some trailers are not made for larger dogs. These are the specifications for the Aosom Elite II pet dog bike trailer.

  • Maximum Capacity: 88lbs
  • Assembled weight: 37 lbs
  • Front Wheel: 10″x2″
  • Rear Wheel: 20 inches x 1.75″
  • Overall: 52″Dx31″Wx40.5″T
  • Interior: 30.5″D, 23.5″W, x 21.5″T

Aosom Elite II 2 in 1 Pet Trailer Main Features

This Aosom dog trailer will take your pet on an adventure! This dog trailer features a mesh zippered screen at the front and back and meshed windows at the sides to allow for ventilation. Outdoor adventures and biking don’t need to stop as your pet grows older. Simply attach the pet bike trailer and your pet to it. Once your pet is inside, you can store all your items in the back storage unit. The pet trailer’s canopy keeps your dog cool and shaded.

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Some of the most important features that pet owners love about the bike trailer include:

Converts into a Pet Stroller – The best thing about the Aosom Elite II pet dog trailer is that it can easily be converted to a stroller. You can now take your pet along with you to run errands or to the park to go for a walk.

Three Entryways – Your pet stroller has three entrances: one at each the top, front, and back. This makes it simple for your pet’s exit from the cabin.

Lightweight steel frame – Elite II pet trailer is easy to push while you’re running, and easy for you to pull when you’re biking. The lightweight steel frame makes it easy to transport and is very strong.

20″ wheels – The tires are deflated so make sure you have a pump to inflate them. These tires can easily cross obstacles and provide a smooth ride.

front wheel

Large Cabin- This cabin can hold at least two small dogs and one large dog.

Each Side has a Storage Pocket – Do you have pet food or water bottles that you need to take along? The pockets are included and can be stored on either side. Comes with a convenient back storage unit.

Type A Bicycle Hitch – When you use the trailer as a pet stroller, the dog bike trailer securely folds under the trailer. The bike hitch folds easily and attaches to the bike from a safe distance.

Safety Features

Even large dogs, especially, love to run and play outside. Dogs, especially large ones, need exercise to keep themselves healthy. Dogs will not be able to keep up with humans and their long walks or jogs as much as they once could.

You might consider getting a pet stroller for them, such as the versatile and multi-purpose 3-in-1 Aosom Elite II Pet Dog Bike Trailer Stroller.

The Aosom Elite II Pet Trailer Stroller can be converted from a dog bike trailer to a jogger or stroller. This pet stroller is perfect for active dog owners who enjoy riding their bikes and running with their dogs.

Swivel Front Wheel- You can fix the front wheel to the pet stroller so you are in complete control while taking your pet jogging. This will add stability to your run and help prevent any potential crashes.

Adjustable handlebar – Everyone is different. The adjustable handlebars make it easier to push the bar more comfortably as it adjusts to your height.

Mesh Door Ventilation- If your pet is worried about getting too hot in the cabin, there’s a mesh ventilation system that will let fresh air flow inside and prevent them from venturing outside.

Safety Leash- The safety leash can be attached to the collar of your pet. You can then open the top of the cabin to let your pet peek out.

Suspension- Do your dogs like to go off-road? The suspension system of the Aosom II Dog Bike Trailer allows you to take your favorite off-road routes without having to worry about your dog getting uncomfortable.

Rain guard – The stroller’s front features a rainguard made of a plastic material. It can be folded up and placed on top of the window when it is not being used. Rain guards will protect your pet’s skin from water damage during rainy rides.

Visibility Flag- The trailer comes with a bright flag displaying the cabin’s colors. It is hung behind the trailer to allow riders behind it to see the trailer clearly and avoid running into each other.

Aosom Elite II Overall

Many parents love to share their passions with their children. As luck would have it for joggers and cyclists, the outdoors and kids go hand in hand. There is nothing better than taking your kids on a ride along the open roads and enjoying the sounds and sights of the outdoors. The Aosom Elite 2-in-1 bicycle trailer stroller is ideal for those golden years when children are just starting to be curious about the world and not yet old enough to drive on their own. It’s an opportunity for parents to keep their active lifestyle going even after they have children. Aosom has you covered, whether you’re on the road or in rough terrain.

2-in-1 Design

You can use it as a jogging cart that you push while you run or attach it to your bicycle for a fun cycling adventure.

You are safe and secure

Included is a 5-point safety harness, a removable canopy, and a sling chair.

Aosom Pet Stroller Elite II Bicycle Trailer 1
Aosom Elite 360 Swivel Double Child Two-Wheel Bicycle Cargo Trailer with 2 Harnesses

Spacious and open

You can fit up to 2 children, groceries, and other supplies. This makes it easy and convenient to transport your cargo on a bike.

It’s simple and convenient

This 2-in-1 trailer makes it easy to take your pet or child jogging, biking or walking.


  • Double pet bike trailer, trailer, and jogger in one unit for the best combination of features and functions
  • For maximum comfort and control, the locking swivel front wheels and full suspension system are included.
  • All-steel frame with smooth-rolling 20-inch rear wheels to traverse uneven terrain
  • Allows for up to 88 lbs of support with enough space to allow 2 children to ride in safety.
  • Sling-style pocketed seat with a five-point safety harness.
  • Aosom “Type A” bike hitch/coupler to connect the trailer to a bicycle
  • Protect from the sun and rain with an all-weather canopy made of mesh or plastic.
  • With the included kit, converts in seconds from a trailer into a jogger and folds flat without any tools
  • It folds up easily to fit into most cars’ trunks or storage areas

Available Styles

Some websites only sell the Black and White trailer design, while others offer it in both blue and white. You may need to shop around if you are looking for a particular design. The red and black combination is my favorite because it makes your pet and you more visible to other road users.


The Pet trailer is generally well-received by customers who have used it.

  • It is missing a cover to protect the front wheel stowage tube metal tube at the back. Pet owners worry that their pets could be injured when they climb onto the trailer.
  • Some users suggested that more padding be added to the interior of the Aosom Elite II pet trailer. If you want, you can add padding or a blanket to your pet.
  • The trailer is easy to handle and is a popular choice for pet owners.

Aosom Elite II Customers Reviews

Customers write honest reviews. Let’s check some of them.


This was purchased for my border collie mix, a 55-pound dog. He is 12. It fits him well, but it is too small to fit a larger dog like 70 or 80 pounds. The cart is easy to steer and rolls well. It attaches to my bike so I don’t even know it is there. It is easy to pull behind my bicycle. There is no jerking or swaying. It can be unhooked from my bike so I can walk my dog in it as a stroller. We can still go outside, even though he isn’t able to walk as far as before. I also have something to put him in so he doesn’t get too hot. Just what I needed.


This pet stroller was purchased for my 50-pound aging dog. This stroller is both long enough and low enough to be comfortable for my dog. Although I have to still lift my dog, the stroller’s bed has “lips” at both ends. I don’t have to lift him too high. My dog is too large to turn around so I let him enter through the front. The pet bike trailer is very sturdy, particularly the bike wheels. I love that the stroller has bike tires and not plastic ones like other strollers.

Two pouches are located on each side where you can store a roll of poo bags, your phone, and a small water bottle. The mat is thin. A friend suggested that I add a thicker mat to my machine. It is very easy to push and the handle is cushioned. It’s tall for me (6’0″) and I find it to be a comfortable height. It is easy to push, even with my 50-pound dog. These wheels are great on grass, dirt, and hard gravel. The stroller can be pulled by a bicycle. Although I haven’t used this feature yet, the pull bar seems very sturdy. The bike feature is going to help me increase the resale value of my stroller when it’s no longer needed. If you have to transport the dog bike trailer with your car, the handle and wheels can be removed easily. The stroller was reasonably priced.

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The only problem I have is that my dog likes to be in the front, which makes the stroller heavy and tip towards me. He could also fall out. We had several close calls. To prevent him from doing this, I make him sit in the middle. He then decides to lie down and doesn’t have enough space. You may need to adjust your dog’s position as he moves around. Design flaws: You should throw out the instruction manual upon your arrival. It was clearly poorly translated from a foreign language. The stroller is quite easy to assemble, and you can find online videos that will help. The stroller’s top back has a crossbar that does not fit. We did however get one.

BUT… Another online owner told me that this bar is unnecessary. It has the handlebar that gives it the stability/form you want and that extra weight would be just an added weight. The stroller’s zippers are very durable. The zippers are not going to affect my dog, who is very calm. If you are worried about closing the flaps too often, keep this in your mind.

Zipperless strollers are a popular term. If necessary, you could repair the flaps with Velcro. The wire from the handbrake hangs in the middle of your stroller’s back. It can sometimes be a problem if I’m walking, but it’s not too bad. If you are a runner, a carabiner may be useful to keep it on the side. This is something I may do myself, as it can sometimes get in the way of my dog when I put him in. I am very satisfied with the stroller and would recommend it to others.

And final thoughts. Aosom support is great. You can download the aosom app to get more advantages.


Since one of my chihuahuas is now older, this bike trailer/stroller works well for them both. Because the original pad is too thin, I made a tighter fitting pad for extra comfort. This stroller convert is great for my dogs, as it allows them to go to farmer’s markets where the pavement can be hot and people won’t see them. Folds up easily and fits in the back of my hatchback. It’s not difficult to ride my bike with the attachment attached, even though I’m older. It is very well-made and highly recommended.


Although I have yet to use it, it is very spacious, large, and wide. It also seems sturdy and well-made. My 13-year-old Boston Terrier, Roxy, was able to roll it around the driveway and seemed to enjoy it. She loves to walk, but she gets tired if it gets too hot. It also rolls well. It took only 20 minutes to put together. I have not yet tried it on my bike. It seems that I need an adapter. It’s so far all fine.


The Aosom Elite II pet dog bike trailer is definitely worth the money. It works well for your pet’s comfort. It is easy to fix any complaints you have about the trailer so it shouldn’t be too difficult for you. This is the best deal, and it’s still available from Amazon.

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