Extra Large Dog Stroller – TOP-16 Best Products 2024

If you are looking for an extra large dog stroller, there are a few points you should be aware of before you actually commit to buying one.

The first thing you should understand is that not all strollers are made equal, yes most of them are made in China, however, like any type of mechanical device, there are differences in the quality of parts used in the manufacture of pet strollers.

The Best Extra Large Dog Strollers

1. Doggyhut Premium Pet Bike Trailer and Stroller for Small, Medium, or Large Dogs

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Doggyhut Premium Pet Bicycle Trailer & Extra large dog stroller 2-in-1 is a great way for your pet to be active. You can take your pet along if you don’t feel up to riding a bicycle. Easy conversion between trailer & stroller. You can use it as a training crate at your home, or as a pet car seat in the Veelar. The extra-wide wheelbase with a lower center of gravity provides exceptional ride stability and makes it easier for pets to get in and out. To block weather and wind, the front door of the trailer has a mesh screen layer with a zipper and a clear vinyl layer. The top of the trailer has a zipped sunroof that allows pets to look out from the windows. A washable mat is available separately. It keeps pets comfortable while on long rides. The mat folds flat for storage and transport. PETS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO LEAVE!

About this item:

  • This product is suitable for small- to medium-sized dogs (maximal shoulder height 18 inches, maximum length 26 inches).
  • Can be used as a bike trailer, stroller, crate, or car seat
  • Constructed of powder coated steel frame with waterproof 600d polyester
  • The front door has a zippered mesh screen layer and a vinyl layer that blocks wind and weather.
  • Anti-slip floor made from solid PE board. Universal bike hitch to rear wheel included
  • 8″ swivel front wheels
  • 16″ air-filled tires for a smooth ride.With wheels guards, reflectors, safety flag, and dog leash

2. Booyah Large Pet Bike Trailer Dog Stroller & Jogger With Shocks

61NzfkU412L. AC SL1200


Bike trailer mode

Attach the hitch to the rear axle of the bike. Take off the front wheel and remove the bike arm. See the image for hitch instructions. (optional) If you desire, remove the handlebar. Ideal for large dogs.


The wheels are set so that your dog’s rear end is not pushed into the stroller. Outside Dimensions: 50 Lx 33.5 Wx 39 H


The cushion can be removed, washed, and washed. Also included is a leash. These dimensions are inside: 32 L x 24-W x 21H Please ensure that your pet fits within these dimensions.

Rear Front Wheel Storage

Take the front wheel along when you bike and convert it into a stroller for shopping in stores.

Slow down Braking – Dual brake system and suspension

It is a must-have braking system for rollerbladers and joggers. It can be used to slow you down when you are going downhill or rollerblading. Others systems only permit you to park, and if you use them they will bring you to a halt. You can enjoy a smoother ride with suspension.

Aluminum wheels with beefy tires

For off-road conditions, rust proof tires and wheels with thread.

Take the handlebar off, and fold the sides. For compact and lightweight transport, remove the wheels.

Stroller Cover

Storing your stroller outside? It should be protected from rain, wind, and the sun.

3. HPZ Pet Rover-HD Premium extra large dog stroller

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The HPZ Pet Rover Titan HD Premium is the best choice for large dog owners. Here are some facts about this product:

  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported
  • Editors’ Choice Award Winner for 2021 Dogster Magazines INTEGRATED Access Ramp Our patent-pending retractable access ramp with flip-down front cover allows pets, especially those who have mobility difficulties or medical conditions, to easily enter and exit the stroller without assistance.
  • This SUV-sized pet stroller offers 100 lbs capacity and a super-sized pet compartment measuring 32 inches by 20 inches. It can accommodate large pets or multiple smaller and larger pets.
  • 4x ALL-TERRAIN RUBBER WHEELS All four durable and heavy-duty automotive-grade/pump-free/airless rubber tires offer excellent durability and superior ride quality for daily travel on all terrain. Stability is enhanced even on uneven terrain by the use of front suspension and swivel locks.
  • MULTI-PET DESIGNS A super spacious pet compartment with four interior tethers, front/rear entry, and front/rear entrants can comfortably hold one to three pets up to 100 lbs. Additional pets can travel with this pet stroller SUV by adding accessories hooks. Traveling is easy with three organizer pockets, a cup holder, and a large under-basket.
  • HEAVY DUTY & DURABLE Weather-resistant canopy and water/scratch proof pet compartment fabric protect your pets against the elements like rain, snow, and heat. Anodized aluminum alloys in luxurious golden color provide a rigid, yet heavy-duty frame. This metal is rust-free, making it an attractive and long-lasting product.

4. Petbobi 4 Wheel Pet Stroller for extra large dog

Petbobi Four wheel pet stroller for medium-sized dogs and cats. Pets Captain’s incredible stroller is the perfect gift idea for your best friend, daughter, or significant other.

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Spacious Space – Ideal for medium-sized dogs and larger dogs, or two dogs/cats

Stable Structure – Dog stroller with a thickened iron pipe that fits dogs up to 120 lbs

Breathable mesh – Top, front and back windows for breathable

Four Wheels – The front wheels can rotate 360 degrees and the rear brake system provides extra safety.

It’s easy to use – There are two height settings available for handlebars.

Storage Bag – A rear storage bag that can be used to store food, toys, and other essentials

Soft Handle – Protect your hand with a soft sponge

Safety leash – Protect your pet and prevent them from running out of the stroller.

Do not leave your pet behind. Enjoy a beautiful day with your pet outside.

This durable 4-wheeled stroller is safe and easy to use, whether you’re taking a short stroll around the block or running through the park.


  • Gray color
  • Inside dimension: 31.5in L X 25.19in W X 25.19in H
  • Package dimension: 34in X 27in X 8.7in
  • Material: Iron, Oxford Cloth
  • Maximum Pet Weight: 120 lbs Net weight: 19.8 lbs
  • Package Weight: 27.5 lb

5. Ibiyaya Large Pet Stroller for large dogs

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Sturdy and ergonomic design

Large dog strollers are often bulky and unattractive. But the Hercules Heavy Duty Pet Stroller is not like that. This dog stroller has a simple design but is functional and stylish.

The sturdy aluminum frame can support a load of up to 110 lbs, yet the stroller weighs only 33 lbs. Hercules pet stroller can be pushed easily with large, air-filled rear tires. It can also move comfortably on gravel, concrete, asphalt, dirt, or sandy terrain.

Simple Access

Large rear and front mesh windows allow pets to easily access the heavy-duty zipper door.

Compact Design

Snap Easy pneumatic (Air filled) and Quick Release folding alloy tires are equipped with large safety reflectors. In less than seven seconds, the Hercules stroller is folded easily.

Convenient Storage

You can store your pet’s accessories in a large pocket.

Rear wheels with air filtration

Safety for you and your furbaby is increased by large visible safety reflectors.

6. Ibiyaya Pet Stroller for Large Dogs – Heavy-Duty with dual top

Gentle Giant Pet Wagon

The Two-Way Pet Wagon is the perfect choice if you are looking for a stroller that can hold your large-sized pet.
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Two-Way Pet Wagons are made from high-strength, durable fabric. They are sturdy, compact, and comfortable. You can load pets either from the top or front with its dual-entry system. It makes it easy for pets to exit and enter. This is ideal for elderly pets, injured dogs, and puppies who don’t move as much. The large compartment can be used as a pet carrier to transport your pets to outdoor events. No more leaving your pet at home.


  • Two extra-large front zipper multi-entry tops and front zipper multi-entry door doors allow pets to hitch and access them with ease. Mesh windows allow for air and ventilation. There are also safety tethers and canopy for protection.
  • For safety and comfort on any terrain, whether rough or smooth, large, heavy-duty, quick-release suspension tires with puncture resistance are available. Brakes locks can be added for additional security and less worry.
  • One comfortable, spacious and lightweight army green stroller cabin. It features an inner cushion and thick thread canvas liner. Easy assembly.
  • If you prefer to use the bag as a bag, this leather-covered handlebar can be used to push your trailer.
  • All paw parents will love the androgynous, premium choice design and the new brushed special-antique brass manufacturer-grade hardware buttons accessories

Many manufacturers produce unbranded strollers that are then branded by the importer. If you take a look at some of the dog strollers on such sites as eBay, you will probably find the same stroller with the exact same specs but with a different name. On the other hand, there are some Chinese manufacturers that produce good quality dog strollers for large dogs, such as those distributed by Gen7pets, Doggyhut, Aosom, and Petgear.

Another manufacturer that produces top quality dog strollers for big dogs is Dutch Dog. Dutch Dog manufactures the Doggyride range of strollers and pet trailers that can be towed behind a bicycle. The Doggyride strollers are built to a very high standard and are well worth considering if you are in search of quality design and manufacture.

How To Choose Pet Stroller

Cabin Size & Weight Limits:
Large dog strollers tend to be built with heavier duty parts to cope with the extra weight of the pet. Many also feature air-filled tires and suspension that help to absorb any shock from uneven or rough terrain. The listed weight limits are only meant as a rough guide and even if the stroller states that it will carry a pet of up to 85 Lbs, will your dog fit into the stroller? That’s why it is crucial to not only weigh your pet but also measure it as well.

Pet Gear Double Pet Stroller for small and medium pets or one large dog – 90 Lbs weight limit

61WnJAK7VmL. SL1000

Read the Full Review

Buying a stroller that is too small or one that cannot cope with the weight of the dog will not only confine your pet to an uncomfortable and cramped area, it could also cause a premature mechanical breakdown.

Folded Size:

Large dog strollers are obviously wider and longer than small or medium pet strollers. Therefore if you are planning to transport the stroller in your vehicle, it makes sense to check the folded dimensions to make sure it will fit into the trunk.

Wheels and suspension:

Wheels are an important part of any pet stroller. The air filled (pneumatic) tires provide more suspension than the solid wheels. Also, the machines with air filled wheels tend to be easier to push or tow and they are much quieter.

Some strollers/trailers also have rear wheel suspension, that, when coupled with air filled tires give a smooth ride for your pet. Just imagine driving your car with solid wheels and no suspension and think how you would feel at the end of the journey. Now imagine how your pet would feel being bumped and bounced about. If you can afford the extra cost, it is well worth considering.

Sun Roof:

If you have a particularly tall dog that likes to get a good view of what’s going on around it, make sure the model you choose has a sunroof or opening that your dog can poke its head out of, otherwise, it could become cramped and stressed in a confined area.

So how do you find the best stroller for a large dog?

The easiest and probably best way is to read real user reviews such as those on Amazon. If you cannot find a review that answers your question, you can post it and wait for the answers to come back. I have personally used this method to choose between an assortment of items, from bread makers to fishing rods. Another Amazon tactic is to scan the top 100 best sellers within a particular category. Click on the banner below to view the top 100 best selling pet strollers on Amazon.

Listed below are our top picks for dog strollers for large dogs. The weight limit and cabin dimensions are all listed and should give you a good idea of the best dog stroller for your particular pet.

Dog Strollers for Medium to Large Dogs

 Pet Gear NV Pet StrollerPet Gear AT3 Generation 2 StrollerGen7Pets Promenade StrollerDoggyRide Mini Dog StrollerPet Gear Jogger No-Zip Pet Stroller
 Pet-Gear-Jogger-No-Zip-Pet-Stroller1-CopyPet-Gear-AT3-Generation-2-All-Terrain-Pet-Stroller1-CopyGen7Pets-Promenade-Pet-Stroller1-CopyDoggyRide-Mini-Dog-Stroller1-CopyVilobos Foldable Large Pet Jogger Stroller for Dog/Cat,Portable Three Wheels Pet Stroller with Extra Large Storage Space
Weight Limit70 Pounds60 Pounds50 Pounds55 Pounds50 Pounds
External Size34″ long x 21″ wide x42″ high33″ long x 17″ wide x 41″ high37″ long x 20.5″ Wide x 39.5″ High43″ long x 25″ Wide x 40″ High40″ long x 22″ Wide x 40″ High
Internal Size30″ long x 13″ wide x 22″ high29″ long x 13″ wide x 22″ high25″ long x 13″ wide x 21″ high23″ long x 15″ Wide x 22″ High26″ long x 13″ Wide x 18″ High
Weight32 Pounds28 Pounds15.9 Pounds23 Pounds23 Pounds
Wheel Size12″11.5″6″12.5″11″

Dog Strollers for Large Dogs

 Pet Gear ExcursionPet Gear ExpeditionDoggyRide Novel Dog Jogger-StrollerAosom Elite 2HPZ Per Rover
 Pet-Gear-RoadsterPet Gear NO ZIP Expedition Pet StrollerDoggyRide-Novel-Dog-Jogger-StrollerAosom-Elite-II-Pet-Dog-Bike-Bicycle-Trailer-Stroller-JoggerHPZ Pet Rover
Weight Limit100 Pounds150 Pounds110 Pounds88 Pounds75 Pounds
External Size30.5″ long x 22″ wide x 37-42″ high37″ long x 29.5″ wide x 37-42″ high60″ long x 30.5″ Wide x 39 – 41″ High52″ long x 31″ Wide x 40.5″ High33″ long x 26″ Wide x 42″ High
Internal Size26″ long x 15″ wide x 20″ high35″ long x 23″ wide x 24″ high31.5″ long x 21″ wide x 25.51″ high30.5″ long x 23.5″ Wide x 21.5″ High15 – 30″ long x 18″ Wide x 23″ High
Weight19 Pounds26 Pounds35 Pounds37 Pounds21 Pounds
Wheel SizeFront 6.25″ Rear 11″Front 6.25″ Rear 11″Front 12″ Rear 20″Front 10″ Rear 20″Front 6.5″ Rear 9.5″

If you are still unsure of what you are looking for, read our homepage post. The “How to find the best pet stroller” section covers all the points you need to be looking for when buying a pet stroller. This article covers all types of stroller, regardless of the weight or size of the pet.

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