Latest Design Features of the Pet Stroller

Pet strollers have come a long way since the days of the giant box on wheels. Listed below are some of the latest design Pet-strollers-Latest-design-features-1features of the pet stroller.

One handed folding mechanism:
Incorporated in the Pet Gear range of strollers, the one handed folding mechanism is a fantastic time saving and safety design feature that enables the user to fold the stroller whilst still keeping control of the pet, which means there is no possibility of an accidental escape.

Shock absorbers:
Some of the high end strollers have shock absorbers that offer extra suspension dampening when using the stroller on bumpy or rough terrain. This is great news for your pet if you are planning to use the stroller off-road.

Internal leash ties:
Leash ties that are inside the pet cabin are designed to stop the pet leaping out of the stroller. Depending on the make and model, there will either be one or two ties. If you are planning on carrying two pets it is advisable to have two leash ties.

Removable pet cabin:
A removable pet cabin is a good idea if you need to transport the pet in a vehicle. The cabin can be strapped in using a seat-belt, giving your pet both safety and security. The removable pet cabin can also be used as an indoor bedding area for the pet.

Easy locking latch:Pet-Gear-Pet-Stroller-no-Zipper
The easy locking latch is yet another innovation by Pet Gear. The number one complaint with regards to pet stroller design is the zipper, they either seem to be poorly made or so stiff that they are difficult to operate. Pet Gear has addressed this issue by incorporating a latch system that completely does away with the need for a zipper.

Ergonomic design:
Many of today’s pet strollers have been ergonomically designed to give a more comfortable operation to both the user and the pet. The first pet strollers were awkward to push and if the user walked at a fast pace or ran, the rear wheels would be constantly kicked. Manufacturers have addressed this issue by making the push handle higher and angling it further out, giving the user much more leg room.

Tougher materials:
Today’s strollers use a nylon type of material for the pet area, hood cover and mesh. This type of material is very strong, lightweight and can withstand some serious punishment.

Pet cabin Design:Gen7Pets-Dog-Stroller
The latest pet cabin designs feature a 360 Degrees viewing area. Many strollers now have a mesh screen at the front, top, back and sides. This is great for the pet and the user as it allows for all round viewing by the pet and at the same time it gives you the opportunity to check on the pet from almost any angle.

The mesh screens also allow for ventilation and at the same time they act as an effective bug screen. Due to the folding design of the strollers, the floor of the pet cabin often sags down, especially if you have a heavy pet on-board. One way to combat this is to have a plywood board cut that fits into the bottom of the stroller. Just remember to adequately pad the area on top of the board to make it comfortable for the pet.

Storage areas:Pet-stroller-basket
Most modern strollers have a lower storage area for items such as treats, water, towels etc. Some also have a rigid tray that spans between the handles for small items and often have cup/ bottle holders.

With modern design and lighter building materials, the weight of modern day pet strollers has drastically reduced. When compared to the first generation of strollers, today’s machines are lighter, stronger and more rigid, which is all good news for the pet and the owner.

For the fashion conscious pet owner a wide array of different colors and patterns are now available. The “Best Pet” range of strollers has one of the most extensive choices of colors. You can choose from camouflage, leopard skin, zebra print and many more besides. Other manufacturers such as “Pet Gear” do offer some color variations and patterns but in general they are quite limited to two or three options. best-stroller-colors Towing hitches for cycles:
If you enjoy cycling and walking, there are now pet strollers that can be quickly and easily converted from a stroller into a bicycle trailer. The Dutch manufacturer “DoggyRide” produce a range of convertible strollers that are very well built.

Some manufacturers offer extras that come bundled with the stroller. These can include such items as rain covers and tire pumps, and although not essential items they do come in handy. And there you have it, those are just some of the latest design features of the pet stroller. This post will be updated as and when more innovative ideas and designs are unveiled.

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