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Cat Stroller – Which one to Choose

When most people see someone with a pet stroller the majority will assume that there is a dog or puppy sitting inside, it would probably come as a shock to them that many cat owners use a cat stroller to take their beloved pets out with them. It still makes me smile to see the… Read More »

Latest Design Features of the Pet Stroller

Pet strollers have come a long way since the days of the giant box on wheels. Listed below are some of the latest design features of the pet stroller. One handed folding mechanism: Incorporated in the Pet Gear range of strollers, the one handed folding mechanism is a fantastic time saving and safety design feature… Read More »

Pet Stroller Assembly and Maintenance

Many people consider pet strollers luxury items that are owned by those who pamper and spoil their pets. However, if you take some time to understand the reasons why the pet stroller is becoming so popular, you will soon realize the many benefits of owning one. As with all things mechanical, pet strollers will at… Read More »

How to measure dog height and weigh him

Prior to buying any type of stroller for your pet, you need to research your options. One of the main considerations to take into account and measure your dog to get the size and weight of the pet. Different makes and models of pet strollers feature a wide variety of weight limits and internal dimensions… Read More »

Pet Jogging Strollers

Nowadays, with the emphasis on keeping fit, many people are turning to pet jogging strollers as a way of taking their fury friends out into the fresh air. So why exactly do so many people use a pet stroller instead of just using a leash? Reasons to use a pet jogging stroller Small dogs and… Read More »

Fully Grown Weight of a Puppy

The chart below will help you to estimate the fully grown weight of a puppy. We have tried to list as many of the popular breeds as possible, however, due to space limitations not all breeds could be listed. Also, these figures are only estimates based on the average weight of a breed. The chart… Read More »